TGS - Halo 3 draws the crowds at Tokyo Game Show

Not only was there a giant crowd that seemed to draw near every time the massive Microsoft screen showed the newest Halo 3 trailer, but a line of people were also found waiting to play the game on a number of kiosks. Pretty interesting considering how generally unpopular the Xbox 360 still is in Japan.

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dale14046d ago

thats strange i heard mgs4 was the big one out there maybe they left early and missed the rush

Foliage4045d ago

No one said it had a bigger crowd than the fan favourites over there. It is only worth mentioning that Halo 3 had such a larger crowd than expected when you consider how poorly the 360 is selling over there.

bluebrad19744045d ago

lol that's funny, and inspiring too. If MS marketed a JP teen interactive porn game, and kept it from the pc market, then exclusive to 360, sales would skyrocket. Ever wonder how Snake became a geriatric pervert? Too bad the the ESRB steps in,otherwise sexually sick 60 year olds would be cool (wait he's still cool to some of you). Gross.

AngryTypingGuy4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

I doubt it'll be more popular than MGS4 in Japan, but it's an encouraging sign for Microsoft nonetheless.

nasim4045d ago

The HALO 3 and x360 stands at TGS were totally empty.

only 12 people attended the MS press conference. 0 people were seen at MS camp.

BTW HALO 3 has 0 pre-orders in JAPAN and most parts of EU and MIDDLE EAST

darkequitus4045d ago

truely a f*cking idiot. I watch the entire show conference on live. You sound as if you were there, just like you carry on as if you ow every game. When in fact you are a school girls who is lucky if her pocket money stretches to buy a console mag. That is the closest you get to a game.

Strange a PS3 owner with no tag.

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Taker_1294045d ago

lol, do you ever get tired of acting like this. The ps3 does not need this much defending so please stop it. You are really making ps3 owners like me look bad.

AngryTypingGuy4045d ago

Is Gathering Dust a good game?

BulletToothtony4045d ago

it was really sad that after the trailer not one person clapped, i think in jp most people hate the 360, but i'm sure there were still some peeps going to see halo3

but to make it seem like a HUGE crowd was interested it's really taking it out of proportion.. oh well hopefully ms can reach the half a million mark by the 2008 holidays..

AcidRhain4045d ago

oh yeah, you should know. You were there right?

Silver3604045d ago

1upyours podcast said there were huge lines at Halo3 at TGs

Foliage4045d ago

Compare the halo3/xbox "crowd" to that of the playstation.

View attached image.

Daxx4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

I think that's just the general TGS show room floor.

How you can tell is that everyone is looking in different directions.

waldopepper4045d ago

They're for the most part all looking in one direction, but I can't tell what they're looking at!

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The story is too old to be commented.