Library reaches out to teens with new video games

Try getting the attention of teenagers when they are plugged into MP3 players, online gaming or instant messaging friends.

That's what public libraries are up against.

With short attention spans and a world revolving around online and digital entrapments, capturing the eye of an elusive teen population has never been tougher.

Libraries that have tried everything in the book to attract young adults are realizing books just aren't enough.

Ela Area Public Library in Lake Zurich is the latest to adopt a new trend of adding video games to its traditional collections to lure teens.

The library plans to roll out its video games collection for patrons to check out Oct. 1.

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Daxx4048d ago

"OH score! Now I can go to the library to pick up Madden 08 and Macbeth. Life is good!"

Bolts4047d ago

You have no chance. All the good games are always out and the selection sucks.