Sony Provides More Dual Shock 3 Details

From Psxextreme:

"Unless you've been living under a rock on Mars, you've already heard about the Dual Shock 3, recently confirmed during Sony's keynote address at the Tokyo Game Show. And when it was unveiled, most noted a couple things; one of which was an important question: 1. it doesn't seem to change the cosmetic appearance of the Sixaxis, and 2. is the new rumble functionality any different than what we had in the Dual Shock 2?"

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kingboy4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

while it might not be the new TouchSence technology everyone`s anticipating for ,it`s definitely not a last gen rumble build inside..I strongly believe Touchsence was slightly expensive for Sony`s taste as premiere choice as such a Touchsence controller isn`t quite a rule out the agenda yet,oh well at least for 3rd party fabricants.

Relientk774043d ago

^yes not last gen tech indeed.. this is new

it rumbles in the direction ppl are shooting at u.... thats very interesting i def wanna play a game with a dualshock 3 controller and experience that.... cant wait to buy 1 when they come out :)

LOFT3164043d ago

The review said Bring it on! The dicrection of which your getting shot at sounds like a good feature

BIadestarX4043d ago

I'm glad Sony swallow their pride and realised removing rumble was a big mistake. Rumble not last gen. Kudos to sony better late then never. FPS are great with rumble, sometimes only way to know if someone is shotting at you.

kornbeaner4043d ago

was somthing they tired to use in order to make people believe they were ahead of the game. This has nothing to do with pride and ego, but everything to do with the 100 million dollar lawsuit that was pending with Immersion Corp.

You can't talk about legal matters in the public when they are pending or the offending party will be given additional plenties.

Bathyj4043d ago

C'mon Bladestar, thats an ignorant fanboy remark.

You might be a fanboy but I know you're not ignorant. You know very well why rumble was left and it had nothing to do with it being last gen despite what feeble excuse they gave. Obviously they couldn't talk about the real reason and no one lets you reat with a no comment so that piss weak reason was all they had, but surely you know its not true, so dont act like you thought it was.

Bits-N-Kibbles4043d ago

Thank-you, you made an intelligent remark, bubbles 4 u.

FiveShot Bandit4042d ago

I think its great sony is finally adding rumble (I know they couldn't because of the lawsuit before) Don't forget how important rumble is in racing games

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eagle214043d ago

every developer in the known world will be familar with the dualshock 3 code. PS2 games will easily be converted to the shock 3. But the tech is an welcomed upgrade esp. MGS4 baby. Uncharted, UT3, Ratchet can't wait!

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