Xperia Play UK networks revealed

April launch hinted for PlayStation phone.

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Apollyn3908d ago

To buy or not to buy That is the question ever so tempted...

blumatt3908d ago

If you like REAL buttons, then the answer is yes. This phone is hopefully the first of many with real controller buttons. I like this phone. Not sure if I'm gonna get it just yet. I'm debating on it. If I get the NGP, I'll be able to play all the PlayStation Suite games anyway, but it would be cool to have this too.

Spinal3908d ago

I'm buying this phone no doubt. Tmobile unlocked. I'll put my iPhone 4 on ebay a few weeks before this device arrives in April.

I cant wait to see future more high specced versions of this device.

supremacy3908d ago

Well if t mobile UK is getting it, than theres a good chance Tmobile U.S will get it as well.

Thats good news, good news indeed. But sony should be wiser and just make the phone available to all the major carriers like samsung has with its galaxy line of phones. That would be the best bet.

silvacrest3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

well this is the only phone im willing to get a contract for so the more networks that pick it up, the better

the 2 month wait is going to be a painful one....

supremacy3908d ago

I hear you on that, but at least it will be worth the wait as this device will have me cover as both a phone and a handheld device.
That is ofcourse until the NGP arrives for heavy gaming duties.