Half-Life 2: The Orange Box Hands-On - Episode 1 and 2; Plus Videos

It almost goes without saying that Half-Life 2: The Orange Box will ship with a ridiculous amount of top-notch gameplay in it. This compilation from Valve Software will serve up Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 Episodes One and Two, the class-based multiplayer shooter Team Fortress 2, and the slick puzzle game Portal. The Orange Box will ship on October 10, and Valve along with publisher EA gave GameSpot a chance to experience its many different components. This week, GameSpot will cover the Half-Life 2 portion of the Orange Box, with Team Fortress 2 and Portal in the coming weeks.

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PimpHandHappy4045d ago

does it say how much the Orange box will cost? I thought i heard 120bucks or something...

I never got into HL because im not big on pc shooters but i know this game rocks. My buddy had it on his pc and i liked what i played..maybe a few hours max..


Alcohog4045d ago

Can't wait for Episode 2....they take way too long to get these out. I'd almost prefer just waiting for HL3. Episode 1 was over so fast and that was like two ****ing years ago. 5 hours of gameplay, wait 2 years, 5 hours of gameplay, etc. I'll be like 60 by the time there is an Episode 5.

rushbd4045d ago

I was really interested to buy this game for my PS3. But when I heard that valve isn't even making it i knew that this game will suck on PS3. I always liked valve. But the approach they are taking with PS3 is going to HURT them. It pains me to say this. But I can already see this game getting rated lowest in PS3. And this time , when all devs are at the top of their game with PS3 development, valve is going to get seriously verbally abused for their ignorance.

ShiftyLookingCow4044d ago

lol console sales will never even begin to hurt them. They are firmly in the PC market and making tons of money with Steam.


hope that team fortress and portal are just as enjoyable.

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