Top 15 Console RPGs of All Time

The RPG, or role-playing game, has in the past ten years or so become a staple of the video game industry, with the support of the RPG juggernaut, Square Enix, arguably having decided the last few console wars.

Back in the halcyon days of Milli-Vanilli and The Smurfs, the console RPG was predominantly the domain of pimply teenage misfits and overweight shut-ins, but nowadays tons of folks play RPGs (and not just because increased consumption of greasy fast food and irrational fears of terrorist attacks have lead to the creation of more pimply teens and fat-ass homebodies, although those are definitely contributing factors).

Note: One of the honorable mentions is Final Fantasy VII

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MK_Red4097d ago

"Note: Please dont take this list to seriouslly, one of the honorable mentions is Final Fantasy VII "

Good one. But without FFVIII and FFVII it's more than not serious...

cloud3604097d ago

This list isnt the worst list ever. FFVI is awesomeness...

But no Final Fantasy VII....

They might as well call it a joke

cloudstrife4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

This list is a joke.....

The game that made me quit colleage fail school and took 200 hours of my life...

Yes thats game is something special

cloudstrife4097d ago

This list wud have been perfect if FFVII was no an honorable mention....

Who agrees

Marceles4097d ago

"...its materia-based skill system is one of the worst of any Final Fantasy"

"Its static backgrounds aren't particularly impressive, its plot about two soldiers, one who's forgotten his past and the other who wants to destroy the world, is fairly standard"

What a hater...this guy has no rpg history. Secret of Mana isn't even on here, I'd even put super mario rpg on the top 15 over some of these..CHRONO CROSS...let me leave this thread before I explode

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cloudstrife4097d ago

This list wud be the best list ever

But listing FFVII as an honrable mention then saying crap load of sh*t about it......."kids FFVII aint the best rpg"

Thats just ridiculous

Sexius Maximus4097d ago

popped their RPG cherry on FF7, that's why it's the "famous" one. But had they been born just a few years earlier, they would acknowledge the superiority of FF6. 7 SHOULD have made the list, no doubt, but 6 was the better game.

cloudstrife4097d ago

Has anyone played Star wars Knight of the old republic....

How is it like... please enlighten

Please dont kill me but i always thought Western Rpg are crap

hate_ps3_until_ffvii4097d ago

Kights of the old repbulic has to be one of the best games ever, its on the XBOX after all...

Xbox has the best RPGs

But no Final Fantasy VII, this list might have been better if it had more xbox games

MK_Red4097d ago

Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic (KOTOR): One of the best RPGs, EVER.

You have to play them both, no excuse. Go and get them both for PC or Xbox.
The graphics were not good back then and now they look worse but character design and story telling of both games are more than masterpiece. I specially love KOTOR2's characters and story progression but KOTOR1 has better ending and evil characters.

KeiZka4097d ago

Kotor was the first rpg I played on xbox, and best I've played thus far. Then again, I also aknowledge the superiority of Chrono Trigger and FFVI. Love'em.

But KotoR I like because it actually put you to make choices. I liked it.

(My honorables go to Baldur Gate 2, and Icewind Dales.)

MK_Red4097d ago

Dude, this is the Console RPGs list (Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate 2: Shadow of Amn" were PC RPGs.

If there was an all time top RPGs list then most of the games on this top 15 wouldn't make it.
A list for all time all systen RPGs should have: Fallout 1 & 2, Deus Ex, Planescape Torment, TES: Daggerfall and Morrowind in the high ranks.

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FFVIIFan4097d ago

He said FFVII had:
Static Backgrounds - Well, so did Valkryie Profile, Lunar, and every other Final Fantasy. And Pokemon?!?! It didn't even have backgrounds in the fight scenes. WTF.
Plot - I've never heard such an over simplification. "Two Soldiers". What about the evil corporation, genetic engineering, all the sub-plots involving Barret, Yuffie, Vincent, and Cid. What about the Centra. What about the WEAPONS.
Graphics - "Aged worse than 2D bretheren" & "Blocky". Right, that's why Vagrant Story looks sooooooo much better and it's still on the List.
Skill System - "Materia Based the Worst". I guess that's a matter of preference. I liked it a lot. Better than 8 or 9's at least.

Ultimately though, list are personal opinions so I can't say he is wrong. I can just say I disagree about the order and which games he included.

hate_ps3_until_ffvii4097d ago

Everyone know FF12 is the worst Final Finitsy game

and is the worst game ever created...

But i agree they fa*ck with be when they say stuff about Final Fantasy 7...

sephiroths_revenge4097d ago

You are the most retarded person ever.......

FFXII is good... but not the worst FF ever, the worst FF ever is probably FF8...

love stories suck

And by the way Xbox is a crap console it doesnt even have any good games. And the xbox 306 ge the Red light of doom or whatever its called

caffman4097d ago

Welcome to N4G. You have only been on 36 minutes and you have already got 1 ignore. Thats got to be a record. And the word for you is "troll". If you are going to slag off a console, at least learn why first.

Lucreto4097d ago

FFXII is one of the best RPGs I have played.

The battle system is great and story I found was interesting and the voice action was excellent. It looks like Square learned about proper voice acting from Dragon Quest 8. It has to be the best voice acting I have ever heard

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hate_ps3_until_ffvii4097d ago

Everyone agrees there should be more Xbox games on that lost... more xbox rpg

The person who created this must have been paid by sony and not to make it look that they wer they put exlusive 1 Xbox rpg

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