TGS 2007: Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom hands-on and gameplay videos

The Kingdom Under Fire series has gone in a completely new direction. If you loved the action strategy of the previous games, you should begin preparing yourself for a change. Circle of Doom does away with almost all of the thinking and planning you once had to do in the Kingdom Under Fire games and replaces it with good old hack and slash, dungeon crawling action. Before you start bemoaning your loss, you might want to continue reading. While its true that this is nothing like the Kingdom Under Fire games of the past, Circle of Doom has a lot going for it that just might draw in a few new fans.

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Mario184043d ago

Nothing to get exited about

_insane_cobra4043d ago

Hm, then why am I excited?

Darkiewonder4043d ago

I'm stoked about this game ;3

Bloodmask4043d ago

The Hi res pics I have seen all look really good. And the online coop is going to be awesome.

And all the upgradeabable weapons and the costumes are going to make it a lot of fun. Not to mention all the downloadable content they can add later.

MK_Red4043d ago

The game kinda reminds me of Dynasty Warriors but while I absolutly hate that series I'm really interested in KuF:CoD.