Microsoft conveniently forgets Wii as it boasts 11.6 million Xbox 360s sold

In the lead up to the launch of the much hyped Halo 3, Microsoft has proudly announced that it has sold more than 11.6 million Xbox 360 consoles in 37 countries.

What, of course, it hasn't said, is that it took almost two years to sell these units (the Xbox 360 was released in November 2005), and that according to some reports, cumulative sales of the Nintendo Wii (released November 2006) have already surpassed those of the Xbox 360.

Another thing that Microsoft is also not saying us is that in the all important Japanese market it has sold just 400,000 Xbox 360s, which contrasts to sales of 3.4 million Wiis.

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paracardium4046d ago

That's it? Sony is closing in fast.That's kinda crappy for being out on the market 2.5 years.

JsonHenry4046d ago

Both Sony and MS have stated that they don't see themselves as competing directly with the Wii. And I as a consumer would have to agree that I don't see the PS3/Xbox360 as being in competition for my money against the Wii.

And people can knock Halo 3 all they want, but the sales figures will speak for itself. Even if you are like me and think that the first two Halos were over rated.

Hugh Hefner4046d ago

Wow... always inflating the timeframe. The 360 hasn't been out for even two years yet, it will be two years this November. Same as the PS3, which will be one year this November. There is only one year difference between the two.

MADGameR4046d ago

11.6M in almost 2 years? I thought X Box 360 sold over 20M..... I guess X Box 360 is'nt selling as good as I thought.

ravinash4045d ago

Its true, the Wii is after a more family oriented market where PS3 and 360 are after the more traditional gamer.

unsunghero284044d ago

Am I the only one that doesn't think the 360 came out in March?

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nasim4046d ago

MS is lying obviously

They havent even hit 10 million sold. They have yet to rech 3 m in EU and 400 000 in JAPAN. In NA too they havent reached 6 m as of august 2007

ReBurn4046d ago

Did you count them all yourself?

caffman4046d ago

I don't think nasim can count to 10! Thats why he has one bubble, cause 2 comments are a brain strain

jcgamer4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

and Microsoft maintained their expensive price point for almost 2 years, a record...and they still have Sept Oct and Nov sales numbers before their 2nd birthday cake...and they sold 85% of Xbox 1 in North America at $199 or less...and sold 11.6 million 360's without a next-gen Halo for almost 2 years...don't count them out just yet...and did it despite hardware issues...and having to fight for 3rd party support...

JsonHenry4046d ago

I was not aware that the 360 had any problems with 3rd party support. I was under the impression that the 360 had really good 3rd party support actually.

maybe you got that confused with the Wii or the PS3? Both of them are having trouble with 3rd party support. More so the Wii than the PS3.

kewlkat0074046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

JsonHenry -I think he meant, with MS being the new kid on the block, they have had less 3rd-party support initially, when they debut with the original Xbox. While MS is getting some killa titles from 3rd-party ,it still, do not have the 3rd-party "QUANTITY" that Nintendo and Sony have amassed the last 10+ years. Yes, we all know Sony stole some big ones from Nintendo.

MS has been doing alright, doing what they have to do, to get more developers working on the console. The competition is stiffer now, so I expect all parties to go all out, to get 3rd-party support. 3rd-party support have look great so far this gen for MS. The extra year and Dev Support/Tools helps.

On this Article:

They keep saying Halo is the only game that MS has, is ludacris. out of the 11 million sold not every body plays Halo. The same thing goes with PS3's blockbuster games when they come out.

Only certain games can push units, while some sleeper games can have more success in the long-run and escalate an un-known developers to stardom. The high-profile games, will sell to people that have been waiting for the next installment and the hardcore. It is much harder to get new gamers buying it, unless there is mad hype.

The only thing MS needs to do is, worry about is themselves(keep an eye out for others but not worry), satisfying their games with GAMES, that's right games. As the underdawg, that needs more developers support, as well as strong first-party titles/sleepers, the Consoles will continue to sell. Regardless, whether there is great titles or not, Xbox fans buy games.

Developers feed MS Great Titles-->MS feeds its gamers with Content/Software--We gamers will buy Software/Hardware/Accessories, and enjoy.

DJ4046d ago

Oh My God. That is SO INSANE!

Itachi4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

playstation wasn't a proven franchise back then but the xbox is and 1.6 million

from NOV 06 TO SEP 07 is poor

MADGameR4046d ago

LOLZ! Then how come PS1 sold over 100M units? Sounds to me like it only took 1 year to sell over 10M. THANK YOU! Halo 3 will not make much of a difference in 360's sales. From 11.6M to 20M? NOT happening! 11.6M to 15M? Possible!

Taker_1294045d ago

Halo 1 & 2 didn't make that big of a difference for the first xbox so why do you think that Halo 3 will make such a big difference for the 360. I'm not saying that halo 3 will be a bad game because its not but it really isn't that much of an improvement over the first two.

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ReBurn4046d ago

Why would anyone expect Microsoft to mention the Wii in their marketing campaigns? I don't see how that lessens the achievement of selling nearly 12 million consoles in a two year time frame. If the 360 or PS3 would have been priced at $249.99 they would have hit 10 million in the first year, too.

jay34046d ago

I don't care how much a system sells, i don't care which system wins. If i'm the one with the best games, that makes me a winner in my opinion.

Yes, i mean it for all consoles.

Canidae4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

Totally in agreement as well. I say just go with the console(s) that makes you happy.