Halo: The Story So Far

Quiz time, fanboys and girls. Exactly how well do you know your Gravemind from your Guilty Spark? What about your Forerunner and your Foehammer? Can you tell the difference between a Covenant Elite, a Covenant Brute and a Covenant Prophet?

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jay34048d ago


I was just about to post this and THIS came up in the "Is your story a duplicate" thing.


Oh well, helpful article, but still confusing.

s8anicslayer4047d ago

just a brief description of the halo story,that's it!

n00dl3s4047d ago

Nothing personal, it is a good article and a good explanation of the story, but Halo's story is weak at best. It really has never "captivated" anyone. Microsoft randomly decided that the story was important and now they are marketing it basically saying "this IS an epic story because we say it is!" to consumers. I don't know a single person that has ever played Halo for it's story. To be honest, I don't know many people that enjoyed the single experience of the first one more than your average every day shooter. It's always been about the multiplayer and co-op experience.