Inafune "Really Wants" Dead Rising 2

Kotaku reports: "Dead Rising creator Keiji Inafune really wants to do Dead Rising 2. He told me that, saying "I really want to do Dead Rising 2."

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SuicidalTendencies4097d ago

Who the hell runs things in Japan? A bunch of monkeys? This game sold over a million games and this guy can't get a sequel approved cause it didn't sell well in Japan? WTF? It's a good thing Western devs don't rely on Japan to sell games.

fjtorres4097d ago

Talk about leaving money on the table!
They just told their competitors to go out and make their own non-sequel sequel: There is nothing easier in gaming than copying the format of another product, as long as the characters don't look the same. And with a million sales from Dead Rising proving the zombie-killing format works, the only question remaining is who'll get the clone out first.

Japan gaming is definitely getting more and more separate from the mainstream with every passing day.

Ahhhh4097d ago

That Blows, Dead Rising Owned.

marionz4096d ago

yeah loved dead rising, bring on the sequel PLEASE!