The 7 Most Blatant Video Game Rip Offs that Were Equally Enjoyable as the Games They Copied

AC: The highly competitive nature of the video game industry leads many developers down the road of the video game clone - and while most video game rip offs suck majorly, sometimes knockoff games can stand on their own. Following are the 7 most blatant game clones that were as fun to play as the originals.

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DrRichtofen2840d ago

Rock Band >>>> Guitar Hero

Cajun Chicken2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Bad Research. Rock Band is only a 'clone' because the original developers of Guitar Hero, Harmonix worked on it!

Plus. If Uncharted is Tomb Raider than Tomb Raider is Indiana Jones, right? Wrong.

Plus, the greatest clone of Mario Kart was Crash Team Racing, some would even say it excelled the original.

Valay2840d ago

This reminds me of Gameloft's Castlevania ripoff, which I thought was quite good actually.

princeofthabay2840d ago

tomb raider and uncharted aren't even in the same genre

WildArmed2840d ago

I've always through Uncharted was inspired by Indiana Jones more than anything

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