Saints Row 2 Official Website Online; Teaser Image & Logo Revealed

The official website for the upcoming 2008 game Saints Row 2 has been opened. With it are just a teaser logo with a teaser image. Also, you can sign up for the latest news.

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zonetrooper54097d ago

Man I can't wait for this game, the first one on the 360 was sick and did so many things better than GTA had done before. Bring on SR2, gonna get it for my 360. :P

crck4097d ago

Probably the most fun I had on my 360. I hope the sequel delivers.

xbox360elitegamer4097d ago

I played the first one and loved it, I can't wait to play the second one, I hope it delivers great like the first one.

Premonition4097d ago

First one was fun, played it for the 360, I hope they make online much more fun, it reminded me of CS a little.

Chris_GTR14096d ago

saints row was really fun lol but lets face the truth here. gta4 is completely gonna raise the bar completely! saints row 2 is gonna look like crap once weve played gta4. the only thing saints row had that sanandreas didnt was ragdoll effects and a better aiming system. and now both of those are in gta + a shiiiiiiiiitttt load of new features. lets just hope THQ copys them even more than last time and puts some of those features from gta4 into their game.