PC Gamer: Battlefield Play4Free Preview

PCGamer: "2005’s Battlefield 2 was an amazing game. Huge, 64-player wars on sprawling maps with every kind of vehicle. 2009’s Battlefield Heroes, on the other hand, was an interesting experiment. It was a cartoon shooter in which you created a character, rather than picking a class and team each time you spawned. You could buy new guns with an in-game currency that could be earned or purchased with real money."

Kon4622d ago

Beta is so fun, but i haven't picked him for a while.

Theo11304622d ago

Weird, I have the exact opposite reaction, horrible lag every time, full screen problem, froze my computer for a while, feels like it's in alpha

Ducky4622d ago

"The combat is functional and familiar – snipers camp rooftops, engineers blow up tanks, medics spam medkits and assault troops play team deathmatch."

Haha, I feel like firing up BF2 now all of a sudden.
Beta is decent... but, still a beta. It's going to be interesting when the game reaches maturity.

SuicideShaun4622d ago

I bought bf2 but the game doesn't recognize my gtx460, so I guess I won't ever get to play...

bluegreenman4622d ago

HAHA brings back old times of BF2 :) I remember throwing C4 on a humvee and riding it to an enemy infested area and jumping out, letting the truck keep rolling... then BOOM! lol never saw it coming.

evrfighter4622d ago (Edited 4622d ago )

the classic jihad jeep. Was never much of a spec ops user. But it never bugged me as I was mostly a ground pounder. A nice strat though, unless the other team had good engineers that knew how to lay mines.

TheNPC3093d ago

I always meant to check out Battlefield Heroes, but I always ended up turning back to Team Fortress 2. I guess I'm not the only one.

camel_toad3093d ago

Yeh as far ad f2p goes the only ones I ever find myself going back to are Team Fortress 2 and Robocraft. Grow tired too quickly of everything else.

mikeslemonade3092d ago

Good news, free-to-play is bad for gamers.

HammadTheBeast3093d ago

It was hugely Pay-to-win from the little I played of it.

dirkdady3093d ago

This marks the end of f2plays ya'alls.

saladthieves3092d ago

Just simply means EA's cash flow isn't flowing as much as they wanted. This works for sequels but can ruin certain games permanently!

I have a friend who recently picked up a PS3 (for the first time) with a bunch of games, one of them being Lord of the Rings Conquest (EA title). She was disappointed to discover that MP in Conquest doesn't work at all. Turns out the servers shut down a long time ago and as a result, MP is completely crippled on consoles (except on PC, via Tunngle).

saladthieves3092d ago

I'd say the same. I went as far as to get ready/sign up but never got around to actually playing it.

reallyNow3092d ago

BF heros was garbage and nothing like battlefield.

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yewles13093d ago

NfS World closing is actually pretty surprising to me.

TXIDarkAvenger3093d ago

It actually wasn't bad for a free to play game. Probably one of the best f2p racing games I've ever played.

ocelot073093d ago

From what I heard there was a lot of cheating going on. Maybe there shutting it down due to this?

Kran3093d ago

Such a good feeling to know a game I'm still playing 3 and a half years later is still making enough money to keep going for many years yet :)

DxTrixterz3093d ago

No not Fifa World. I was enjoying it more than Fifa 15 .

Brooklynbully1233093d ago

This is one company that I wish would be gone

StrayaKNT3093d ago

Or you can just not purchase their games lol? leave it all for us to enjoy

MasterCornholio3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

I dont wish that they were gone but in against many of their practices. Like what they did with BF4 for example or what they did with Hardline.

Just because EA gave me Plant Vs Zombies for free I still am able to disagree with them.