LocoRoco Cocoreccho! Interview: Advantages of PS3 over the PSP

Amidst all the explosions and gunplay of the 2007 Tokyo Games Show's more familiar offerings is the sequel to LocoRoco, a game that even the most jaded individual couldn't glance at without cracking a smile. GameSpy had a chance to sit down with creator Tsutomu Kouno to talk about his vision for the original and his plans for the upcoming sequel.

GameSpy: What advantages does the PlayStation 3 give you versus the PSP?

Tsutomu Kouno: First and foremost is the processing power. We're able to calculate all the various movements of the LocoRocos in a more detailed fashion. Obviously we can display way more LocoRocos. We're able to actually just leave the game alone, and it'll play with itself. The most difficult thing was the fact that this environment is always moving, everywhere, so everything is being calculated -- even in places you're not actually seeing -- so that was actually one of the most difficult things to do, to make sure that everything was constantly being calculated.

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duarteq4046d ago

I really like this Game, New and Fresh stuff. Only for PS3 heheh
Keep it going Tsutomu Kouno, we want more

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Bathyj4046d ago

I dont have a PSP but I've always liked the look of this game. I downloaded it today and as you might be able to tell by my new avatar I'm quite taken with it.

Its so, how can I put it? Happy, make fun, nice. The Locos are so cute I was just smiling the whole time and the music rocks. I think I'll get it as a ringtone.

achira4046d ago

i like the psp one, and i will buy this one.

BlackIceJoe4046d ago

I will say LocoRoco Cocoreccho is a good game. But I would prefer to have had a plain old LocoRoco game. It is nice to see how much could be added in this game. But if Sony ever makes another LR game for the PS3. I hope it will be more like the PSP version. This is not to say this version is bad just that I would like to see one like the PSP one on the PS3.

Biphter4046d ago

Good game, and especially for the cheap price, but its very different to the PSP game. I must say it made me smile in the same way the PSP version does.

I can see why they call it a screen saver in that it carries on even when you stop controlling the butterfly, but can this game actually be set to automatically activate as a REAL screensaver in the XMB? Thats what im curious about....

BulletToothtony4046d ago

this game to be this much fun.. even thou there's some very easy to reach locos.. there's some that are extremely difficult and take a lot of thinking to get to, yesterday i played it for 2 hours and 20 mins and i got 137 locos and i'm still 64 short to brake the #1 record..

i'm gonna try again tonight,

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