Catherine Japan’s most wanted game (Famitsu)

RPG Land: "Famitsu’s most wanted list is usually topped by an RPG, but now Catherine — an adventure game about adultery and sheep — has taken the top spot. As described in the most recent issue, its most wanted games are…"

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imoutofthecontest2908d ago

I can think of two likely reasons why it made it to the top...

FrankenLife2908d ago

Yes the sex is a factor, but it isn't why I want it. I'm gonna import it because it is done by the Persona guys, and I'd buy just about any game they made.

And why is this in the PC section? Are the people approving articles paying attention?

imoutofthecontest2908d ago

On Catherine: Yeah I just figured I'd make the obvious joke. Atlus is quality, the Persona series especially.

On PC: Dang, the N4G menu had a PC entry for Dynasty Warriors 7 so I thought it needed to be in there. Sorry >_<

sunnygrg2907d ago

So many PS3 games and not a single 360 title on that list?

And "analysts"think PS3 still needs a price cut?

Cloudberry2908d ago

I love the graphic & art style too.

It's Persona Team's first HD game and they manage to bring (more / less?) equal quality on graphic for both consoles.

More than enough to implement and / or improve it for their future HD games, especially JRPGs.

DigitalAnalog2908d ago


-End of Line

Kyosuke_Sanada2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

I don't find it surprising. After following the game for months now and watching its trailers I found a huge following for the game had and it's growing quickly. I just hope for the right reasons. XD

Miths2908d ago

Sheep are cool. They might just be what it takes to convince me to take yet another stab at playing JRPGs.
Assuming of course they aren't androgynous sheep with spiky fleece, moping around bitching about their sorry lives while trying to save the world with a flock of like minded teenage sheep.

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The story is too old to be commented.