Why Team ICO made a no-show at TGS

Although there were several rumours that Fumito Ueda and his team would make an announcement about their third game at this year's Tokyo Game Show, they didn't. Team ICO Gamers explores what could be the two reasons behind this fact and explains why this shouldn't be a disappointment but a sign of hope of great things to come.

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cloud3604139d ago

Tokyo Game Show was crap. expected lots of games ICo Shahow Colosus 2 e.t.c and most of Final Fantasy VII Remake steals the show

cloud3604139d ago

But who sed its over yet...2 days left...still time for the announcement of FFVII

AznSniper4139d ago

Maybe they wanted to debut it to the public rather than during the business days?

WAR_MACHINE774139d ago

I call shenanigans on team ico! I'm really starting to believe that this game doesn't exist. I mean really, two years and they still haven't shown anything.

Devr4139d ago

They started recruiting people for the project in february, so it definitely exists.

alexrowetos4139d ago

Tsutomu Kouno, creator of Locoroco and who works on the same floor as Team ICO reported in an interview some weeks ago that the team is surely working on 'something'.

Interview was done by Joystiq.