Halo 3: Fans get answers to their questions

When the Free Press asked readers to send in their questions for the developers of "Halo 3," they were immediately buried. Here are a few of those answers you were looking for. The answers are courtesy of Frank O'Connor, content manager for Bungie, the Microsoft subsidiary that developed the game.

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Mattey4044d ago

all the maps are built around having 8 people in them, like 4v4 and 8 person free for all. as soon as there is more people in the match u start to feel out of the action and tend to get triple teamed alot.

Ugly American4044d ago

Not really. You could have asked me those same questions, and I could have given the same answers. Out of a swamped inbox of mail those are the questions? Ugh. Monday night will not get here soon enough...