TGS: Time Crisis 4 - Eurogamer First Impressions

The main area that's been buffed up is the visuals, with a crisp hi-def, next-gen feel very much the order of the day. Since the series last graced the PS2 three years ago, there's no getting away from the gigantic leap forward Time Crisis 4 has taken in terms of its overall cinematic approach and desire to throw ludicrous set-pieces at you one after the other.

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WAR_MACHINE774044d ago

I'm starting to wonder if I'm the only person looking forward to this game. Light gun shooters are always awesome IMO.

The Wood4044d ago

there is nothing out there like it at the mo

ps3 = diversity in a black box

powerslide4044d ago

I just hope they relese more FPS that work with the G-con3 because it's howesome

WAR_MACHINE774044d ago

the games thus far have carried a 7-8.5 average

BulletToothtony4044d ago

this game is gonna suck, or this game is gonna flop from fanboys, it's exactly when they let me know that they 're jealous and they would want the game on their system, which means the game it's doing just fine

and yes i will be buying this game.. there's somethin really nice about actually aiming and shooting.. everyonce in a while.. not for every game