TGS: PSP 1seg TV tuner - Joystiq hands-on

The 1seg tuner for PSP makes us jealous of Japanese PSP owners. The tiny peripheral attaches to the top of the system, and allows users to tune into a variety of broadcast channels. The video quality at the Tokyo Game Show floor was stellar, with very minimal artifacting seen in the video.

It's easy to change channels through a simple intuitive interface which overlays over the video quite nicely. A variety of video resize options can be readily accessed by bringing up the options menu with the Triangle button.

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BlackCountryBob4046d ago

Looks good but I prefer the idea of the freeview tuner for the PS3 streaming to the PSP via wifi, just a more elegant and flexible solution IMO, especially with the new ability to switch the PS3 on and off remotely.

Still, its nice to see these things being put out there and the functionality being expanded but I'd swap it all for some new, quality games.