On Sale Next Week in North America, Finish the Fight!

Master Chief arrives in store next week so we can finish the fight, or how about Dewy's Adventure? See what is in store next week.

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orange144044d ago

Isn't The Settlers: Rise of an Empire supposed to be pretty good?

cooke154044d ago

I thought it was crap, oh well :P

cooke154044d ago

this isnt old. Its the only one

Ahhhh4044d ago

MaYnnn fºck Halo 3 im getting Dewy’s Adventure!!! /sarcasm

I wish I could get Halo 3 next week, but that ain't gonna happen. =[

cooke154044d ago

Well if you want a unique platformer than get it :) But im sure its too 'kiddy' for you. Regardless of how good of a game it is right?

PS360PCROCKS4044d ago

3 days! Well actually let's see only 73 hours!!

Fanboys are gay4044d ago

i already finished the fight and what a let down halo 3 was, the chief dosnt die screw what u heard, sargent johnson dies and that chick not the hologram one the other human chick dies, they presume the chief dies cause in the end he has to go through a portal to activate a ring and when he never returns they presume he is dead but he goes into chirogenic staces till he is found and recued so expect a halo 4 or extra missions for halo 3

razer4043d ago

are a dog banging assh0le! If I could kick your f*ckin face in I would for just spoiling this game for everyone who hasn't played it. I hope you f8ckin die!

Man, if there was a way to track you down...

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The story is too old to be commented.