IGN :The PS3 Games of Fall 2007

As things start to cool down outside, our consoles are beginning to heat up. The number of high-profile games set for release this fall is rather insane. This marks the PlayStation 3's first full holiday season of releases, and with titles like Ratchet & Clank Future, Uncharted, Rock Band and others on the horizon, it should be a great holiday season for everyone.

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Hydrollex4046d ago

there are only 2 exclusives !

Jdash244046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

i dont know what list your looking at but i count five.............uncharted, ratchet, singstar, folklore, and ut3 (well for this year anyway)

EDIT: make that 7............didnt see haze or time crisis 4 at first look

mentalboy114046d ago

either you're blind or you're smoking too much pot.
(This year's exclusives)
Time Crisis 4
Unreal Tournament
Eye of judgement
ratchet and clank
NBA 08

Omegasyde4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

Don't forget WIPEOUT HD AND SOCOM (4 1/2?).

*even though they are PSN titles they will have enough quality to be stand alone release.

I wonder if the Halo 3 Wave will last until November? Perhaps Ubi will follow up with a decent attempt of Hype with Haze or a UT3 add campaign as huge?

Edit: No socom this year? Wtf is SONY's anti-halo weapon then? Can't be FFVII....

mentalboy114046d ago

Im very sad about this too but, SOCOM Confrontation is Currently TBA 08. :(

Also, add in Echochrome, everydayshooter, and WIPEOUT HD.

neogeo4046d ago


and all other game I will flame!

gaffyh4046d ago

Why didn't they list this in order the games come out??? Stupid IGN.

bluebrad19744045d ago

PS3= second rate gaming. WAIT!1 please!!, just wait. Even though we had blu-ray in mind when we built the ps3, please don't forget us. Even though we more or less publically called all of you morons, your should still buy a ps3.
How many pansies does it take to buy a ps3? Just one.

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toughNAME4046d ago

but you have to many of these games will soon become part of the 'Spring 2008' list

Omegasyde4046d ago

Shut yer mouth naysayer!

Lol seriosly don't jinx the ps3 more than it already is.

SonySoldiers4046d ago

Zip ur mouth up.. the upcoming PS3 games will leapfrog all your dreams.

Be proud for having your PS3.. a product of Japan, not your cowboy's product.

Omegasyde4046d ago

Sony Soldiers,

Cowboys product?

WTF.WTF. Double-U Tee Eph.

Congrats you brought Ignorance and Stupidity to a whole new Levels.
P.S. I own a ps3 too.

SonySoldiers4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

WTH.. are you stupid enough to see your own icon????

If you're anything for SONY, please don't use that dumb cowboy icon.

SONY is anyhting about the advanced machinery of Japan, and it's not made in the USA.

Please show some respect to SONY's products if you think you're a big fan of SONY!

saello2mylilfrin4045d ago

PS3 Fan vs. PS3 Fan?!?!?!? Wow..this definitely shows the intelligence lvl of the "Soldiers" in the Console War. Bad form Jack, bad form.

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Shaka2K64046d ago

To much hot games for all kinds of people and ages and colors.
not just fps or kiddie gimmick trash.

PS3 wins this holiday season.
also PS2 and PSP.

SonySoldiers4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

Merry christmas! thanks a lot for kissing our HD System's butt, girl!!

harv0524046d ago

Ps3 wins this holiday season....I wouldn't bet on that with our loss of Home....and possibly no price cut on the horizon...

Barreldragon004046d ago

I have no doubt that the PS3 will have a price cut this year. I just think that its going to be near the holidays so around late November maybe earlier.

lawman11084046d ago

First before you go and give away the Christmas season. I just bought the PS3 and for a good price too ($449 with 8 free BR dvd's) and besides Fall of man there is not one game I feel the need to buy. Tell me the one game like Bio shock or Halo3 or Mass effect(only on 360) that you "have to have" and don't you dare even say Lair or war hawk. Lair is a turd and war hawk needs to look alot better then it does on that powerful system.

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hotshot12374046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

for all the ps3 fans listen to this guy. also check out


yea that argument ps3 has no games is as old as moses. there are alot of games coming this year and some are exclusive (im looking foward to uncharted, unreal tornament, rachet and clank for exclusive titles) and this is still there first year so im excited

@snakeak hahahhahaahhahahahahhahahahaha hhahaahhahahahahhahahahahahahah ahahahahahhahahahhahah you had me crakin up after that post. it would have been alittle funnier if you would have said 360 instead of rrod though.

funny that didnt even come to my mind

mentalboy114046d ago

im glad ps3 has a large variety of game genres, exclusive and multiplatform.

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