GameFile: 'Resistance: Fall Of Man,' MTV News

Ryan Schneider concluded a 50-minute demonstration of what may prove to be the most advanced PlayStation 3 game launching this year with a comment that was kind of a suggestion, sort of a hope and just a touch of

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Sevir045378d ago

and the excitement builds! so title function will make it in! awesome i cant wait to battle it out with my Homies online! millions will be clamoring over this at launch! this truely the Triple A launch title.

xboxlj5378d ago

I understand that they are trying to market their game. But I just don't see why people are getting so excited about it.

AuburnTiger5378d ago

just a question, do you get excited about Viva Pinata?

xboxlj5373d ago

Actually yes I do. My 6 yo daughter will love it.

shoota335378d ago

For all the blu ray haters saying its not needed just got owned. This is a launch title and is already using 22 gigs.

Bill Gates5378d ago

This game is going to be THE S)-(IT !!!!!

The good news just keeps rolling in....and the M$ fanboys just keep hating...hahahahaha

I repeat,..please don't hate me, it makes me very sad :(

BigBoiSexyMuscles5378d ago

i would just like to inform everyone that xbox sucks. It doesn't even have an x on the xbox360. It is not even a box. It should be called the xrectangluar prism. It is white which indicates it sucks (can't jump)evryone nos black is better. So for all of u xbox LOSERS!!!!!!! u need to go fall in a whole. Because Ps3 is the best thing to ever happen to man kind. And my closing statement is that my grandmas Pentium 2 Processor is faster than the whole crappy crap rectangular prism better known as the xbox360 (sucks) So go Ps3 suck my balls Xbox and Microsoft BigBoi out! Peace

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The story is too old to be commented.