Killzone 3′s Game Length: The Truth

4-5 hours, or 8-11? TSA finds out the truth.

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ugo3827d ago

i just want to play the game finishhhhhhhhhhh

Anon19743827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

I'm also very much looking forward to this title. For me, Killzone 2 was a breath of fresh air in the shooter market, a shooter that finally felt and played differently from all the Call of Duty games and those shooters that want to be Call of Duty. It's funny, because while I was loving Killzone 2 I had two friends that tried it and didn't like it. Their main criticism was the way the character moved and the button layouts. They weren't like Call of Duty. I told them at the time "That's why I love the game. Because it's not COD. If you want COD, just stick to that. Not all gamers like auto aim and floaty controls."

More to the articles that we're talking about here, it was bound to happen. Some sites just have a sick need to hate Sony for the hits, and the truth be damned.

Just like we saw plenty of articles nitpicking Gran Turismo 5 like it was some massively flawed game, or Uncharted 2, or complaining about Little Big Planet sales, or too many cutscenes in MGS4, etc...etc, there has been an unprecedented number of articles this gen that aren't there to inform gamers - they're their to blow things out of proportion for the simple reason of hating on Sony.

It doesn't happen with the Wii, it doesn't happen to the 360 (outside of a few small blogs), but for whatever reason Sony's just had a big target on them this gen and sites fall all over themselves to try to convince gamers that they're not having nearly as much fun on the PS3 as they think they are.

Well, we are and no amount of hating, misleading articles is about to convince us otherwise. It's nice we're seeing a common sense backlash from other sites like what this article did against the type of hate mongering, flamebait articles we see whenever a highly anticipated Sony game launches.

FunAndGun3827d ago

The best are always critiqued the hardest.

The expectations are always higher.

The 'target' on Sony is only there because they are the best at what they do.

The smartest kid in class is expected to get straight A'a

The best athlete should make the most important plays.

With all the hate, Sony still manages to bring a true pro should.

nix3827d ago

what's even more sad is, lots of people will listen to media n miss out great games.

mega BIG time3826d ago

someone's in love with their ps3!

TheGameFoxJTV3827d ago

No idea why darkride's comment way buried, it wasn't trolling at all. Everything he said is true. The CoD kids complained about the game and made them casualize(To make more like CoD, the sims, or Farm Vile) the game.

Dnied3827d ago

why the hell was that marked as trolling...

how do you become a mod here? that's ridiculous..

BattleAxe3827d ago

I was wondering the same thing. Probably a 360 fanboy with multiple accounts.

nnotdead3827d ago

i have no clue either. his comments had to do with KZ and Playstation, so it was relevant to this article.

i also agree with Dark's overall argument. though i do think that a lot of Sony fans have become over sensitive to the matter. there has been a standard for what a 7 game is, and i have trouble believing KZ 3 is in that range. still need to play to make my own opinion though.

deafwing3826d ago

the social system on this web site is somewhat broken, the creators of n4g should look into changing this whole comment rating thing ... it's getting out of hand.

thereapersson3826d ago

Actually, one of the main moderators on this website is a huge 360 fanboy. I'm not going to name names, but just know that Darkride's comment was marked as trolling for all the wrong reasons.

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FACTUAL evidence3827d ago

I never get why people think length is about the 60$. TBH, I'd rather play an epic 5-6 hour game than an "ok" 15-20 bore fest. On top of that multiplayer is endless....Do you know how bored I'd be if I wanted to complete campaign before MP, and Campaign would be like 17 hours? Lol imagine going through 15 hours 2 times for your first playthrough, and vet playthrough just for two trophies....lmao....

TheGameFoxJTV3826d ago

Exactly, and people who worry about stupid shit like this make developers worry about it. A game they designed to take 6 hours to complete gets alot of extra stupid extra puzzles, turret shooter levels, and etc to beef the time to complete it.

VenomProject3826d ago


Why was that post marked as "trolling?"

Are people insane?


BABY-JEDI3826d ago

Darkride's comment in my view is not trolling. I have experienced the same points that he's raised. I would like to hear why this is trolling please.

seinfan3826d ago

I havent bubbled him up or down, but I'd suspect some considered it "trolling" because he continues to play the conspiracy theorist card, much like almost every other nutcase on this site.

BABY-JEDI3826d ago

Hi seinfan, I just find it difficult in he case of KZ3, that GG have taken on board a lot of the issues that reviewers have had with KZ2 & they have improved upon the game greatly. However, certain reviewers now seem to be deducting more points because of KZ3 story, or that there is too many points in the game where you have to fire a gun. It is a FPS, it has a story arc Ect.. & what about adding points for the MOVE implementation or 3D?
Just doesn't seem fair. : (

DEagle-izer3826d ago

This a real honest opinion comin from Alex C in TheSixthAxis.

The length of a game is not always important as the player's skill and play speed can justify how long it takes them to get through the game.

It really is all about story in Single Player games. Similar to a movie, if it has a damn good story with memorable characters and events, it feels longer despite the actual length. A poorly told story with plenty of action (for good measure) feels like a short experience. In the end, it's not about the Hrs, it's about the experience.

miyamoto3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

Yeah, so what if the game is long or short?
Games like these are meant to be played on-line.
As long as its fun to play over & over again ... that's what makes it valuable.
So what's the problem?

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ps3rider3827d ago

when i finished KZ2 on elite it took me 20 hours, dam its too hard with youtube tips. i have played the camping 5 times. and more than 200 hours in multilayer and i have killed over 50'000 player. awesome, nah

ps3rider3827d ago

i will tell you how hard its, in Call of duty WAW, MW2, black ops, there is something called auto lock when you zoom. in KZ2 wasnot there,

secondly, in all FPS the middle cursor which is look like plus sign when you are in non-zoom mode is removed is not removed in veteran difficulty. but KZ2 elite is removed so they force using zoom which has no auto lock on target

MarcusFenixITA3827d ago

I played KZ2 on hard and it was very heavy for me.

stevenhiggster3827d ago

I got all the way through the game on elite, but just could not beat Radec, so sadly I have never completed it on elite. Radec is bastard hard to beat, no wonder there is a trophy for beating him in under 20mins!
Personally I hope it is a bit longer than the reported 4-5 hrs, but even if it isn't, as long as its 4-5hrs of pure awesome sauce I'll be happy.

Afterburn3827d ago

@higster. Fill up a flamethrower. Light hin on fire. keep hitting him with it when u can. Stay away from him and eventually hell just die.

HappyGaming3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Although I liked KZ2 and UC2 I really didn't like how powerful this guys were just to make it a challenge.

Oh and in Uncharted 1 the final enemy could take a couple of sniper bullets in his chest and his only special power was being a gang leader.

On Elite it took me about 2 hours to get to the balcony and than when my friend came to play he loaded a different level and I lost my checkpoint so I too just let it go I didn't even get to Radec on Elite :'(

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Inzo3827d ago

Elite is f*^# hard, recommended players, only the very skilled and very patient.

starcb263827d ago

I tried it on hard first, but I kept dying, so I switched to easy.

Clarence3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

I think whoever reviewed the game had it set on easy. I like to play all the games on the hardest setting when I start out. I feel you get your moneys worth when you do that way. KZ3 is going to be amazing. It me 10hrs to beat KZ2 on hard. I really think some reviewers are looking for anything to keep people from purchasing KZ3.

BABY-JEDI3826d ago

You should pat yourself on the back for being such a formidable player. Wait a minute, I think you already have LoL. Anyway, I am impressed. Elite is soooo tough

XxPURExX3826d ago

I got up 2 Radec on elite but then i got a corrupted HDD :(

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Nate-Dog3827d ago

I'm glad someone realises it's down to the individual player (for the most part, and to a certain degree) to decide how long a game is. For me I was a little worried at the times being reported for the SP but still, almost all these guys rush through in order to either just finish the game in time for a full review, or to just try and spark up something.

I can finish MGS4 in less than 5 hours, does that mean that it's only a 5 hour game? No it doesn't, because on that playthrough I rushed through and did everything as fast as possible. On my first playthrough it was around 15 hours I think. Does that mean it's a +15-hour game? No it doesn't mean that either. For the most part, a game is as long as you make it. You can bomb through or take your time and enjoy it.

--------3827d ago


Here, have a well said!

Nate-Dog3827d ago

Why thank you good sir, have an "interesting".

*puts on monocle and walks away into the sunlight*

beavis4play3827d ago

nate - while what you're saying is true - give up......i have. the crazies on the internet don't want truth and common sense - they what sensationalism, hate and lies.
i'd also add, a game is as long as a persons skill level allows it to be. although - i never understood why anyone would want to do these "speed runs" through games.

mrmikew20183827d ago

Back in the PS1 days, it use to hold value. I remember beating Resident evil 2 in 3 or 4 hours so I could get the gatling gun. Then I would take my time with the title.

It's clear why the author for nowgamer did this. The things these so called journalist will do nowadays to get hits.

ps3rider3827d ago

the told in their review,
improved story

game spot said awful story.

i think gamespot's reviewer didnt even finish the first level

Tachyon_Nova3827d ago

What constitutes rushing through? Going in all guns blazing? Not using tactics? Not finding intel/collectables etc?

ps3rider3827d ago

i dont where do reviewer want to reaaaaaach in FPS game, halo reach was 10 chapter and my bro finished it in 5:40 and he is young. did they reach in it the place they want

Mnemonic-DK3827d ago

This is rushing through a game... ;)

starcb263827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

This is rushing through a game.