Halo: Reach Awarded Top Honors For Outstanding Real-Time Visual Effects In A Video Game.

Patton Oswalt hosted the ceremony, during which awards were presented in more than 20 competition categories that spanned features, TV, commercials and games.

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Shok3178d ago

Halo Reach got an award for Visual Effects? The visuals of the game weren't that amazing imo. Looked very out-dated.

MAJ0R3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

are u guys being serious? I don't think Halo Reach graphics are anything special

MerkinMax3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

I always find myself just staring into the distant battles, zooming in on textures and characters, and gazing at the sky. It is also cool how each plasma bolt casts its own light. The weapons, characters and environments are also greatly detailed. Bungie is very talented and I am glad they won this award.

003178d ago

Now that is impressive.

QuantumWake3178d ago

Halo: Reach to me is eye-candy. Bungie managed to craft this amazing, almost Open world feeling with the environments. I feel that Halo: Reach is more of an openworld sandbox compared to other linear games in the genre (Yes yes, there is Crysis I know). Play firefight with unlimited ammo and a Fuel Rod and just watch the particle and effects all over the place. It's really quite impressive.

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Kalipekona3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

PS3 fanboys are freaking blind. No wonder they think games like MGS4 and inFamous look

jetlian3178d ago

they are blind what i'm waiting for is the KZ3 vs Crysis2 i'm surprised all those german sites haven't done it yet!!

But after playing both I know why. Crysis2 looks better.

Inside_out3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

I still think it was one of the biggest snubs in gaming history what happen this year to Bungie and Halo Reach. At the end of the day it doesn't matter, the game sold extremely well and the true fans of the series are enjoying the game everyday.

Technically, the game is a standout this gen. To up grade the engine while still staying true to the vision and history of Halo was an incredible achievement. The crisp, clear detail in this game will shock you...

Bungie is so good at what they do that everybody just yawns and says...ya,ya,ya...their ignoring how Bungie made an entire new list of characters and animations, story arcs and plots, incredible graphics and of course the best soundtracks in gaming.

You know, I've been gaming for a very long time,play all the big games and some nobody ever heard of. I own all the consoles and just this morning downloaded the Killzone 3 beta..."I've never seen anything that is better than Halo Reach...anywhere.

Spoilers****don't watch if your still playing through the campaign...I don't no how anybody can complain about this story, it's characters, the voice acting...any of it. A true classic!!!

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GSpartan7773178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

I hope you are joking. Halo: Reach is visually one of the best looking games to come out on the console (Xbox 360) in 2010.

ufo8mycat3178d ago Show
bluegreenman3178d ago

You just wait untill Gears of war 3.. You call THAT behind PS3? thats just being ignorant. Both consoles produce gorgeous games so stop trying to start fights.

Kalipekona3178d ago

ufo8mycat fanboys are always trying to downplay Halo Reach's graphics. In reality Halo Reach looks better than 99% of the games on the PS3 and is way more open and expansive on top of that. The couple of games on the PS3 that don't look worse than Halo Reach are the exception. So if Halo Reach has average graphics then 99% of the graphics on the PS3 are also average.

Get real, Halo Reach is by far one of the best looking console games.

MORGiON3178d ago Show
XRider3178d ago

With comments like this MORGiON "Are u xbots all fucking retarded?" You should join the 1 bubble club soon enough.

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gypsygib3178d ago

Reach's graphic looked good at times but most the time they were 7/10...and the some levels had ghosting.

palaeomerus3178d ago

Ghosting is an artifact of a monitor or TV with a low refresh rate. It is not "in levels" of video games. I think you may be whining about a motion blur issue you heard about, but really who even cares.

gypsygib3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

If they call that motion blur they could learn a lot from Gears, Killzone or Crysis 2. Their 'motion blur' isn't a blur it just looked like ghosting - if you took a picture you'd see 3 versions of the same thing on screen at the same time.

The game was amazing probably my GOTY (I played the campaign over 3 times already not including co-op) but the graphics weren't that good most of the time, not terrible but as I said, 7/10 IMO.

CernaML3178d ago

Agreed. The so-called motion blur they used in this game was awful. The insanely high res explosions looked incredible though.

jetlian3178d ago

thats the lady on gametrailers motion lol chi lan

SixZeroFour3178d ago

funny how ppl confuse graphics with art style...the reason why you guys THINK halos "graphics" arent amazing is cause its clean and not gritty like cod or killzone, but what you dont realize is that the cleanliness of the game is part of its ART STYLE, and that is NOT what graphics are

graphics are the poly counts, the particle effects, the lights and shadows, the textures etc

art style is the setting and environment

XRider3178d ago

^^^this^^^ bubbles 4 you

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GSpartan7773178d ago

Well deserved. Arguably one of the best looking and overall games of 2010.

josephayal3178d ago

Is the best looking game in the xbox 360, very fun game

SpitFireAce853178d ago

Get your flame suites ready its going to be a
bumpy ride....

clearelite3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

Bayonetta, Gears, and Halo almost make me want to give ms my money. Not going to happen though, but I'm glad people have these games to enjoy

XRider3178d ago

You won't give your money for Bayonetta, Gears, and Halo but you will for Haze?

clearelite3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

I live in a shanty town. All we play here is Haze(TM). Some helicopter flew by and parachuted a whole basket of copies down to us.

palaeomerus3178d ago

That helicopter was probably punishing you for your sins.

peowpeow3178d ago

That's mean lol, I liked haze

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