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Visceral's 2008 Survival-Horror shooter Dead Space shocked the gaming world with its meticulous production values and deep space sci-fi terror, wrapped in a vacuum of sinister atmosphere that swept players into its dreadful grasp. Before it released, gamers were cautiously optimistic about the title -- it had grand ambitions and potential, but could a relatively unknown studio pull off this concept with any panache?

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GamerPS3604766d ago

I can't beat this game on Hardcore :(.


Dead Space Isaac Clarke: Every Cameo in Other Games

Isaac Clarke of Dead Space fame has appeared in many games, both as a playable character and an Easter Egg. Have you played them all?


Electronic Arts Announces "Strong" Financial Results as EA Sports FC and Madden Revenue Grows

Today Electronic Arts announced its financial results for for the third quarter of the fiscal year 2024, defined as "strong" by the company.

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Kiryu199223d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Good job gamers keep speaking with your wallets by buying more micro transactions and than asking why publishers are now charging for features which used to be free or unlocked by simply playing the games

Unlimited health ammo and money
Infinite XP
big head mode
New game plus

Now sold to us as micro transactions

Mr_cheese23d ago

I wouldn't pay for it but I'd love a big head mode in fc 😅

Rebel_Scum23d ago

Wish EA would revist some of their 16bit ip.

anast23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

They still can't make the sidelines on Madden look like real sidelines and they can't show the owner's box during cutaways and etc.


I Hope 2024 Isn't As Bad For PC Ports As 2023 Was

Ahmed from eXputer writes "The quality of PC ports has been seeing a severe decline recently, and many gamers have had enough."