Why the Crysis 2 Demo May Be Doing More Harm than Good

A large group of gamers have been unable to play at all due to a glitch that causes the Xbox to lock up. The only remedy for this is to restart the console and hope for the best.

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CrzyFooL3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

inorite!? Also, where is the [email protected] PC demo. Way to ignore your hardcore fanbase until the last minute gusy.

Invadersims3786d ago

I was surprised when I heard the demo was 360 exclusive for a while.

hassi943786d ago

It doesn't come out for another 7 weeks or so, chill out.

Darkfiber3786d ago

Meh. And to all the Sony fanboys out there who will undoubtedly speak ill of this demo by comparing it to the Killzone 3 beta, the Killzone 3 beta only works about 10% of the time...I've had it lock up on me about 5 times now, not to mention the game sticking at the "connecting..." screen for 10 minutes straight until I turned it off, or the constant network errors, like some gems such as 20000, 20001, 38001, 1900 and -9478362874 or whatever it is. Demos have problems, get over it. Anyone who lets a glitched out demo influence their decision of whether or not to buy the full game is an idiot.

AKA3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

why the crysis fangirls keep trying to get in a fight with the KILLZONE Fanmens?
allways some nerd start talking bs about KILLZONE and then the rest start crying once they start talking bs back...

KILLZONE 3 is great no doubt .

and crysis is trying to get all the halo and cod fans to buy the game on the 360 a smart move but unfair for their PC fan base .
its not KILLZONE to blame because of this dirty move, is EA...

Darkfiber3786d ago

Well let's see here...I haven't played the Crysis 2 demo, nor have I ever played a Halo or CoD game. Stop making stupid assumptions and pretending you know me based on your stupid fanboy stereotyping, you clearly fail at it. All I was doing was reminding people that the Killzone beta has issues as well BEFORE this turns into a Killzone vs Crysis article like every Crysis article on this site does. Learn how to read and stop making stupid assumptions if you want people to take your opinions seriously. I don't think I was ever "crying" or "talking bs" about Killzone as a game. In fact, I'm pretty sure I said that a bugged out demo/beta should NOT affect your decision to buy a game, as the article was implying it should. Jesus...

NoobSessions3786d ago


Actually, I see a Sony fanboys bring up KZ in almost every Crysis 2 article.

AKA3786d ago

lol you guys are really inmature

I have been in N4G for many years and KILLZONE is the most hatted IP ever, why ? i dont know i love it.

And for the haters.
and i have check in every crysis article and every time a Crisys fan bring KILLZONE on.
Maybe sometimes KILLZONE fans do or just plain PS3 fans but its because Crysis faNS keep talking BS on how much better crysis is.
Enjoy the game, i can get the two if i want,
can you do that? if you can well do it or enjoy what you can play but dont hate on KILLZONE because you dont like it or cant play it,
because its one of the most polished games ever "KILLZONE 2/3" and you as a gamer should be proud that games can be this good.

PotatoClock3786d ago

I wouldn't bother guys.

AKA loves to troll anything Crysis related and then turn around and act like the victim just defending his favorite game, even though N4G has a massive majority of PS3 Fanboys.

Don't think he plays anything but Killzone.
A very sad individual.

How do you defeat that which has no life...?

tom012783786d ago

Pretty sure TF2 is the most hatted game.

palaeomerus3786d ago

Yep. There's a whole lot of hats in Team Fortress 2. No lie.

AKA3786d ago

What TF2 is fun!! how can anybody hate that game?

btw im not trolling and i do play other games KILLZONE is one of my favorite games, SOCOM4 will have my most time online this year if that means something for you.

Its just that its crazy how people hate KILLZONE and know CRYSIS fans want to hate it to no way.

I may get Crysis someday maybe half price down since SOCOM 4 is out in april and i dont have money or time to lay other games, KILLZONE AND SOCOM 4 will have my whole time untill inF2, ICO COLLECTION and few others

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Daver3786d ago


yea just shut up dude.. no one talked about Killzone or w/e else.

awiseman3786d ago

Ignore them dude you will just lose your last 3 bubbles by posting that on here. The aim of the ps3 fanboys on this site is destroy the xbox and anyother platofrm in any way possible. And of course to raise their ps3 to the heavens. I learned that you cannot speak against them. I learned it the hard way.

Silly gameAr3786d ago

Wow. You sound like you just came back from a serious war there soldier. Yeah PS3 fanboys are out to destroy you and every gaming platform you love. They must be stopped!

Damn, you guys are way to serious about this stuff.

hassi943786d ago

I lost a bubble for saying 'I'm not a massive fan of God of War.'

Bobby Kotex3786d ago

No one mentioned Killzone besides you, genius.

Darkfiber3786d ago

Obviously no one mentioned it BECAUSE of what I said, just so they could throw it back in my face and say "HAHA UR DUM LOOK NO 1 EVEN SED N E THING ABT KILLZONE NUB". Chances are, the people pointing out the fact that nobody said anything about Killzone are the same ones who clicked on this article with the intention TO compared it to Killzone. God, don't you know how internet message boards work?

BYAAHHH3786d ago


Wow... you just called someone out because they made an assumption, yet you made one yourself.

"Chances are, the people pointing out the fact that nobody said anything about Killzone are the same ones who clicked on this article with the intention TO compared it to Killzone".


Darkfiber3785d ago

That's because my assumptions are based on logic, not stupid blind fanboy nonsense. If I hadn't said anything, this entire article would be full with Killzone 3 vs Crysis 2 fanboy fights, just like EVERY SINGLE other Crysis 2 article. See what I mean? It's logical to assume that, if it happened 100 times before, it would happen this time as well. I intended to stop it before it happened, and it looks like I succeeded (to some extent).

RBLAZE19883786d ago

You're so full of shit dude i've played the killzone 3 beta both days and i have not had a single issue but you've experienced the entire spectrum of issues? Where do you live and what kind of network setup do you have?

palaeomerus3786d ago

Okay. Go check out "darksydephil's" playthrough of the Killzone 3 multiplayer. Then you can SEE it happening with your own little eyes.

RBLAZE19883785d ago

I don't need that video cause i just had the error 8001issue and i feel stupid now lol. But i still haven't had any network lag or freezing issues. Idk maybe the servers went down or they are doing maintenance and adding servers and that's why people can't connect right now. Whatever it is i was wrong to say you guys are full of shit my bad.

The_Quiet_Man3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

@ Darkfiber Misread your first comment - sorry

On topic- not a great start releasing a broken demo especially given the fact that they only had one platform(xbox) to concentrate on demo wise. Could be just an old build with a glitch? after working on a patch for a week, I'd expect it to be releasing soon though.

I'll be waiting for a youtube playthrough & a couple of threads before I decide to buy or not. Never played crysis 1, so I can't really judge if it's good. Although at moment it's not really a must have game for me.

eraursls843786d ago

I played Killzone 3 for 2 houilrs tonight with no problems. I was looking forward to crisis but they ruined it for me by not releasing a pc or ps3 demo when the x360 demo came out, now I'm hooked on kz3. I'll probably still get crisis, just not until it drops in price.

Inside_out3786d ago

Is this the same article that keeps getting re-posted. I've played hours of the Crysis demo with out any problems other than the hit detection that needs some work.

This person has a clear agenda. it went from some players having problems to the demo is Crytek doesn't care about anybody...LMFAO. The guy hates Crytek, most likely a PS3 fanboy butthurt the demo isn't out on PS3 ( Sony's doing BTW ) and wants to discredit the demo, especially in light of all the issues surrounding the Killzone beta.

BTW...I have yet to get into a live match on that ( KZ ) beta, end up playing with the bots for entertainment. Don't get me started on the graphics of that beta...I hope it's just a beta thing.

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Kon3786d ago

Well, still getting the PC version.

MGRogue20173786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

"A large group of gamers have been unable to play at all due to a glitch that causes the Xbox to lock up. The only remedy for this is to restart the console and hope for the best"

Maybe Crysis 2 is too powerful for the Xbox 360...? lol

Funny jokes aside though, I believe Crytek will have this fixed soon, the problem won't be in the retail version either, of course.

ASSASSYN 36o3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Canceled my reservation. Homefront will have no distractions.

BX813786d ago

Yeah the demo was a huge let down. I just pre ordered KZ3 and Homefront yesterday. Hope it's not a huge let down.

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