Sony claims PS3 games will run on NGP without graphical changes

Sony claims PS3 games will run on NGP without graphical changes
But NGP versions should come with extra feature

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morganfell3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

The writer of this story is missing the point of Sony's comment. It doesn't exclude extras but rather Sony meant you would not have to sacrifice quality. Duh.

Attempts to find a topic worthy of story material are often quite telling. Particularly when such efforts go awry.

DoomeDx3791d ago

If this is true..i wonder how the PS4 will be.

arjman3791d ago

It's teh power of teh Arm Cortex A9, ok that doesn't have much of a ring to it...

dredgewalker3791d ago

Lol....the Arm Cortex A9 doesn't really sound as charming as the Cell. Maybe we should just shorten it to "ArmCor 9"?

Marceles3791d ago

Sounds like the name of a Ratchet weapon

rockleex3791d ago

Armored Core 9? What? Lol. :P

HappyGaming3790d ago

The power of the Cortex...
The power of the A9

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Prcko3791d ago

did i said day 1??
yeah i did!

Jio3791d ago

Getting it day 1 too! NGP, is going to be amazing.

MGRogue20173791d ago

Same here.. I want to buy it now! NAO!! :D

Droidbro3791d ago

It's amazing how is easy it to sell a garbage hand-held to you guys with lies. Obviously, any hand-held device at this point in time is incapable of producing PS3 or even 360 like graphics. The original PSP had garbage games and I would have think very hard about purchasing this. This is shameless propaganda to sway people away from 3DS.

Elvfam5113791d ago

Just buy your 3DS and ill buy my NGP.... Just like maybe you brought the DS while i brought the Psp....

hot4play3791d ago

Oooh, someone is butthurt. Aren't you supposed to be on some Windows Phone 7 forum or something?

Let me rephrase your statment:
"It's amazing how is easy it to sell a garbage (CONSOLE ie. XBOX360) to you guys with lies.

"shameless propaganda"? Really? lol. Btw, Halo sucks :D

internalbit3791d ago

Delusional much? Anti playstation brigade out in force lol

awiseman3791d ago

2 analog stix = awsome fps experience.

saint_john_paul_ii3791d ago

wipeout HD was aparently running on NGP (obviously not in HD) and it did not lose its quality.

klado3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

It is quite a possibility of this happening since

Lets recount
Ngp = CPU 2GHZ, GPU 800mhz+, Ram 512 up to 1GB(Rumors, but isn't the Iphone 512?, exactly)
Ps3 = Cpu 7 x SPE @ 3.2GHz, GPU 500MHz, Ram 256x2 = 512

In short, yes the NGP is capable of moving or even emulating PS3's games at the given Sub-HD resolution for the NGP.

In short, games like Alan wake, or below the remark can run easily on this lil piece of ORGASMIC machine.

Doubt all you want mate, that is just FACT.

SuperM3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

How many Ghz or Mhz the processor or gpu is running at does not tell you how powerfull it is so the comparison you did is pretty much useless except for the RAM which does hint that NGP might be able to have as good or better textures then PS3.

However it has been said that the NGP is really strong at doing shaders and that it can do any shader the PS3 can do. I can believe that since it has 8x the shader performance of the Samsung galaxy S and 16x the shader performance of an Iphone 4. Pretty impressive stuff.

It cannot push as many polygons as the PS3 though. Thats where the NGP is struggling (if you can say that at all)

Also games like Alan Wake that already run at a low resolution is less likely to be able to run on the NGP then other games. Wipeout HD is able to run on the NGP because its scaled down from 1080p on the PS3 to 544p (or something like that) on the NGP. Im not sure exactly what resolution Alan Wake is running but its probably something like 640p. Scaling a game down from 640p to 544p is not gonna yield enough power for the game to run on NGP.

I expect that pretty much every game that is 1080p on PS3 can be ported more or less without graphical downgrade to the NGP. If the game runs at 720p or below its going to take a graphical hit (or lower framerate) when ported to NGP

klado3790d ago

Thanks for the input mate, pretty much appreciate.

Ju3791d ago

There is no way the NGP can "emulate" the PS3.

But what it can do is run the same (recompiled source) code and the exact same assets (graphics, animations, sounds). MGS4 showed it can render the exact (!) same scene @20fps.

Now, this possibly did not include any AI, physics or other. But it also wasn't optimized code but a straight port of existing PS3 code.

With optimization it is likely, the NGP can run the exact same game as the PS3 does - on a smaller resolution.

klado3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Did I said otherwise? that was my remark dude, capable of running the same game if not better at given sub-par resolution, it is pretty much possible, emulating it though? was too exited :D.

No to mention NGP posses a even better GPU and may also RAM, so expecting a better AI and environment too.

@ Disagrees, guess I can easily taste your denial.

SuperM3790d ago

Klado, you have no idea what you are talking about and you pretend what you are saying are facts. Its not facts, its what you think is true and its really not. Im not saying your completely wrong with the message you are trying to convey, but you are definately overestimating the NGPs power compared to the PS3

Ju3790d ago

The NGP does not have the "better" GPU. It has a last gen GPU with all the bells and whistles those come these days, namely better (more complex) shader support (PowerVRs own version, whatever that UNI shader is they promote so heavily).

Bandwidth wise, I strongly doubt it will reach what the RSX is shuffling through the PS3's XDR/GDDR. I also doubt they can reach the 30GB/s bandwidth on a hand held device. This would be interesting to find, out though.

Geometry will be a problem, but you got 4 cores to do some preprocessing? I don't know, could be possible. Since PS3 games do culling on the SPU this code could possibly be used on the NGP.

Also, I do not think they will go with the highest clock frequency. 2GHz CPU and 800MHz GPU is a best case scenario, on the low end it's 800MHz+200MHz GPU. Anything in that range is possible.

But we'll see. Heavily shader optimized games on the NGP will for sure look impressive. Particle monster like KZ3, I doubt it. Not even in lower res. SPU bandwidth is still unmatched.

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