Dark Souls 'is not a sequel to Demon's Souls' - Dev

Dark Souls developer From Software has insisted its spiritual follow-up to Demon's Souls is "not a sequel", and says it's treating the project like a brand new game.

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Lirky3791d ago

Good because if demons souls 2 ever released it would be an exclusive experience and better than dark souls and demons souls 1.

-Alpha3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Exclusive =/= better

We don't know if DS2 would be better than Dark Souls but one would hope the latest is greatest.

And Dark Souls looks like a sequel if not a spiritual successor. I just think that they changed the name to avoid issues with going multiplatform.

Yes, there are some changes, but it is way too similar sounding to think it was done unintentionally.

RedDead3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )


It's basically Demons souls 2 anyway, and Demons souls 1 being exclusive didn't exactly help it. It was amazing because of it's gameplay, not graphics or technical feats, which is really the only differance between the two consoles(besides number of exclusives)

BiggCMan3791d ago

People keep saying Demons Souls graphics are nothing amazing. Well I don't understand it, I thought the game was gorgeous. Textures looked amazing, lighting was incredible, whats not amazing about the graphics? Anyways, the devs literally just said it is not a sequel, and you are still saying it is. It is a successor obviously, with very similar elements, but a new game nonetheless with a new story, new characters, new bosses etc... A sequel to Demons Souls would follow the same story, and this, as far as we know does not. I don't see what the debate is about.

ShinMaster3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

For example, just cause COD looks like Battlefield, doesn't mean one of them is a sequel, lol

I'll be the judge of that when I play it.
I'm pretty familiar with Demon's Souls. We'll see how it plays and feels.

If they say it's not a true sequel, then it's not a sequel.
More than likely a sort of reboot.

MintBerryCrunch3791d ago

the dev speaks the truth tho....Sony owns the DS IP, so i dont see a DS2 on the 360, but Dark Souls, while similar to DS is a different game, but which has a very similar feel and setting to DS

Veneno3791d ago


You're right. DS1 is a great looking game. It is detailed as well with tons of poly gons. Each area feels like a world of its own. Dark Souls has huge shoes to fill. From the trailers I can see that they're close to DS1 graphics but not quite there yet.

I don't think they will match DS1, let alone surpass it. But I do believe they can pull off a great multiplatform achievement like we've seen with Fallout 3, Mass Effect 2, and Read Dead.

If they can nail the great gameplay, exploration, and challenging difficulty, then it will be a triumph

-Alpha3791d ago


Demon's Souls graphics look good and they can certainly be done on a 360. People seem to think that because it's multiplat it's somehow going to suffer terribly.

DigitalAnalog3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

DS' success is just as much attributed to Japan Studio who co-ordinated with From Software to make DS the game it is today. I believe it was the director of Japan Studio to propose the "online" features and the difficulty which are loved in this generation. From Software basically took their experience and brought it over to this new IP.

Let's face it, when has a From Software IP made much as success as it did with Demon's Souls? Ninja Blade on the 360 was treated like trash by it's fanbase.

-End of Line

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Jaces3791d ago

Just like I've been saying, it's more of a spin off than a true sequel.

Still though, this will keep me occupied until the Demons Souls 2 is announced!

-Superman-3791d ago

I hope Demon's Souls 2 is PS3 exclusive then and Dark Souls is multiplatform then.

NYC_Gamer3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Sony owns the rights to Demon's Souls.they could pay From Software to make the sequel.

-Superman-3791d ago

Sony owns the rights to Demon's Souls
Well. Thats good then.

sinncross3791d ago

In addition to DS being a Sony exclusive, it must be said that SCEJ actually co-developed the game.

TheColbertinator3791d ago

Indeed.Dark Souls is called a spiritual successor similar to how Shadow of the Colossus is a spiritual successor to Ico.

Veneno3791d ago

For the life of me I can't understand how ppl see SOTC as any sort of spiritual successor to Ico. Other than visual style of the world and a very abstract link in storyline that to this day hasn't been explained, they are nothing alike.

VenomProject3791d ago

It'll always be Demon's Souls 2 to me. :)

FunAndGun3791d ago

Even if Demon's Souls 2 gets released? :)

kramun3791d ago

It's Demon's Souls 2 in everything but name.

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