Master Chief teabags PS3, robs Halo 3 at gunpoint

Master Chief has recently been spotted cavorting around an unnamed branch of GameStop, teabagging/bitch-slapping PlayStation 3s and holding staff/incredibly wooden actors up at gunpoint for a copy of his own game.

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HeartlesskizZ5119d ago

I posted this yesturday at forums...stil is funny how the lady throw the game at him

SonySoldiers5119d ago (Edited 5119d ago )

Master chief is made in the USA <<<< Solid Snake is made in Japan.


Omegasyde5119d ago

Dude why is snake brought into this ?

SonySoldiers5119d ago (Edited 5119d ago )

cowboys like you just don't get it.. it's like your products vs. our products.

Like japanese cars, MGS wins!

DeadIIIRed5119d ago

Mario can suck a **** and shove it up Luigi's Italian ***.

MADGameR5119d ago

Not one thing there was funny...waste of time..

sak5005119d ago

Hey KEN (sonysoldier) your command over english language is improving. Keep suking Phil harrisons d!k.

SlappyMcTaint5118d ago

wow, xbots really are retarded. I only thought they were stupid... but now i feel bad for making fun of the mentally challenged. I apologize.

barom5118d ago

expected ps3 to be slapped and tossed around or something but that was just dull. freakishly nerdy too.

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Spike475119d ago

this is stupid.

it's like nerdy stupid.

the vid sucks, I can make a video of master cheif better than that.

WilliamRLBaker5119d ago

lol whatever you say can make better *laughs*

yeah its funny how she throws the game at him and he just steals the stuf f thats on the counter.

iceice1235119d ago

This has anything to do with Microsoft? You know for a fact he is with M$? What's that, you dont' well how about you stfu then ^_^


real professional...

Thanks for the LIES.

d3l33t5119d ago

FidoDido1980 great video you found and shared with the entire N4G website? MAYBE next time make a forum post or write a blog BUT THIS ISN'T NEWS

WilliamRLBaker5119d ago

Its gaming culture so its completely valid if not the admins will remove it dont you worry.

Its a hell of a lot better then some of the inane other crap posted here.

Omegasyde5119d ago

this was made in light humor. I love the poses he does to the camera.

God forbid someone dressed up like Cloud from FFVII and started dry humping a 360 until it was red in the face...

lol :)

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The story is too old to be commented.