Dead Space 2 advertising done right – on a double-decker!

El33tonline writes:

"Readers in the UK, Europe and North America, please bear with us for a second, because gamers like us here in South Africa find things like this incredibly cool!"

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Raendom2903d ago

I'm from the Uk and still like seeing games advertised on buses. I remember FFXIII was advertised on them and so was Shift, and it makes the buses look so cool. :D

OliverKO2903d ago

Awesome! I would love to see that stuff!

The best we get in South Africa are Nintendo TV commercials and the odd supplement magazine cover for the top games at the time - nothing big and public like billboards or transport ads ;(

tigertron2902d ago

I saw this when I was in Bristol yesterday, its good to see that EA is advertising this game, and hopefully this game will continue to sell well because of it.

Kran2902d ago

I was in subway and I saw this advertised in my town on a bus ;P