PS3 Dev Kit Feedback

From : "One of our long time readers, that also happens to work for a major game developer, sent me a little feedback on those PS3 dev kit pictures I posted the other day. I guess that ends the speculation on the authenticity of the photos"

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Silverwolf4498d ago

Things that make you go hmm....

shotty4498d ago

Don't you find it weird that we are only 3 months from launch and sony still can't fit it into a ps3 shell. This time last year microsoft had the dev kits in the actual xbox 360 cases (Black/Grey xbox 360s)

achira4498d ago

i cant understand your logic. who says that they must do it in a small size ? noone, who cares how big the dev kits are, noon. so stop bashing.

Ken Kutaragi4498d ago

Achira actually.... I, the father of the Playstation say so.