Black Ops: Latest Intel Zombies Ascension Map Details Confirmed

Somewhat belatedly Treyarch have published an article taking a closer look at the Zombies map, Ascension, which is part of the First Strike DLC.

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Dart893781d ago

Wow i read every comment in that article bunch of dumb people that's why kotick will keep increasing the price cuz he knows sheep will buy what ever he throws at them.

kramun3781d ago

I guess you wasted some of your life for some pointless reason then.

Dart893781d ago

I guess you wasted some of you're life for replying to my comment xDDD.

kramun3781d ago

I guess you did as well lol. That's funny lol. Ain't it lol?

ProGrasTiNation3781d ago

This DLC is a joke,their adding shit that should have been on the disk when i bought it,Koticks an asshole & activision are just good at killing franchises(after they bleed everything out of it)
If treyarch were any good they wouldnt need Activision or the CoD name,so ye buy buy CoD

ambientFLIER3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

So all future dlc should be on the original disk...perhaps via time machine?

ProGrasTiNation3779d ago

Cant get the concept of being sold something that has been built long before they release it??

ambientFLIER3779d ago

Prove that they built the First Strike DLC long before the game release and that it could have been included without throwing off schedules and certification procedures...