25 Must-Play Wii Games You May Have Overlooked: 25-21

Bright Hub sorts through the Nintendo Wii library and gives you 25 stellar titles that you may have missed. What games were listed between 25 and 21?

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jadnice4683d ago

Very correct since anything to do with the Nintendo this gen was over look.... they lost me as a fan this generation.

kramun4683d ago

While they've lost you as a fan, they've gained many more. So I doubt they care, I know I don't.

TheSanchezDavid4683d ago

There are a bunch of gems worthy of any gamer's time. Some games that I didn't have high expectations for left me wanting more after I played them.


Dead Space Games Ranked From Worst to Best

BLG writes: "Dead Space. It’s a beloved horror series – one that yours truly can’t stop talking about on stream! Yet there are more Dead Space games than you may be aware of. So it’s my duty to introduce you to the best Dead Space games, and one very, very bad one. It’s time to grab a plasma cutter, cut off the limbs of terrifying necromorphs, and decide once and for all (on this website) which of the Dead Space games reigns supreme!"

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-Foxtrot488d ago

Dead Space Extraction better than the original Dead Space?


lucian229487d ago

I played all three. Didn't find them fun, just had nothing to play. I don't think I beat third game though. Combat was super clunky, graphics and art design were ugly imo, story in first game wasn't too bad, rest were meh.

Over hyped series imo, also it doesn't help horror games don't scare me, so I guess that's a big reason for me too.

MIDGETonSTILTS17487d ago

Play Alien Isolation on Hard or Nightmare.

Start on the movie DLC so that you don’t have to play a bunch of campaign in order to find out if you’ll be scared.

lucian229487d ago

I heard that was a good one. Honestly vr games scare me with jump scares because of how the threat feels real.

MIDGETonSTILTS17487d ago

There isn’t an official VR mode, unfortunately.

The audio should pull you right in if you use headphones.

CDbiggen487d ago

Just finished playing the first, enjoyed the fact Isaac was a silent alien crushing psycho doom-guy type. Just started the second yesterday and I'm annoyed he's a talker now and sounds like a regular guy who hasn't been through hell, but I suppose he couldn't remain silent.

VersusDMC487d ago

Dead Space 2 is my favorite followed by 1 then 3. All are good to me though. Just beat all 3 on series X and they hold up.

Xenial487d ago

As simple as 1,2,3.

Extraction, then Ignition.

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Klonoa is Coming Back – Here’s Why Fans are Excited

Bandai Namco's Klonoa series is finally returning with a pair of remasters, but what exactly is it, and why are fans crying tears of joy over it?

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Cyberfunk641d ago

As a fan, I'm 1000% excited!

mastershredder641d ago

Lunatea’s Veil was/is Mind Candy.
Phantomile is also amazing, but Viel was on a while new level with the visuals and sound. I hope the remaster helps them both shine like the gems they are (better be proper remasters!). Can't wait to see these again. More gamers need to have the Klonoa Experience. It's that on-another-level, ultra-rare Namco arcady-platform magic that shines so hard with these.

Aye-Chaloopa-loopa!!! Or what ever he says.

Teflon02640d ago

Klonoa was good but Klonoa 2 was a masterpiece that wasn't known. I found out about it from a demo disc. Think it was the one with Dynasty Warriors 2 or3, Final Fantasy X, Crash Wrath of Cortex, SSX tricky etc. Then finally found a copy years later at a 2nd hand store and it always froze of the first surf stage lol. So sad. I did get to play more like in 2010 but never got to finish it

lellkay640d ago

Both games are great, Klonoa 2 is absolutey brilliant as a whole, but looses some steam towards the end of the game.

Either way would love to play these on modern platforms.


Eagle-eyed fans spot multiple Klonoa trademarks filed by Bandai Namco

Xfire writes: "Multiple Klonoa trademarks suggest that Bandai is bringing back the underrated series for modern platforms."

monkey602703d ago

I loved these games as a kid!

InklingGirl703d ago

I’m hoping a complete collection.

TheEnigma313703d ago

Underrated games. Loved the ps1 version the most