PS3: hot or not?

Analysts predict, then react to PS3's likely success; will pricing and lack of "wow" factor signal death knell for Sony's supremacy, or is the console champ poised to keep its crown?

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xboxlj5378d ago

Thats my opinion. I don't think it's the death of sony, but I have a feeling that the 360 will take lead. Primarly do to its early release.

BigBoiSexyMuscles5378d ago

hot!!!!!and by the way i would just like to inform everyone that xbox sucks. It doesn't even have an x on the xbox360. It is not even a box. It should be called the xrectangluar prism. It is white which indicates it sucks (can't jump)evryone nos black is better. So for all of u xbox LOSERS!!!!!!! u need to go fall in a whole. Because Ps3 is the best thing to ever happen to man kind. And my closing statement is that my grandmas Pentium 2 Processor is faster than the whole crappy crap rectangular prism better known as the xbox360 (sucks) So go Ps3 suck my balls Xbox and Microsoft BigBoi out! Peace

Monchichi0255378d ago

Sorry but the PS3 is doomed for this generation. I like so many other former Sony fans are "Jumping IN" to the X-box party due to the PS3's high price, lack of any good exclusive games and being burned by Sony so many times before.

And if so many Fanboys are leaving the camp imagine how many casual gamers will be doing so considering they have no alliance. Sorry Sony, it's been fun!!

achira5378d ago

i bet you know noone, but i know many ppl who want to buy a ps3. and i know noone who owns a xbox360.

jiggajayp5378d ago

Ps3 will not make it this gen as #1 if at all!! I don`t care either!! Just as long as Tekken looks and plays well!!!

TheMART5378d ago

for sure not

It's just a non standard videoplayer. Like Betamax was. Like every mediastandard of Sony failed, including Minidisc and UMD.

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The story is too old to be commented.