Hey ladies are you a FAT, UGLY or SLUTTY gamer?

SarcasticGamer - Being a female who enjoys gaming has got to be a difficult proposition. Guys, as in most group situations, act way differently when a female is around. You have guys that act like a creeper and hits on the girl inappropriately. Then there’s the creeper that likes to follow the girl around and “protect” them… Oh yeah, there’s more.

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-Mezzo-2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

Wow, some heavy words right there.

Some people really need to grow up. Now who will be the first to say (Ahh, All Xbox Live Community Are Kids)

Lovable2847d ago

You just did...haha jk

SpaceSquirrel2847d ago

Kids will say the naughtiest things on the Internet

Hitman07692847d ago

lol boys will be boys, girls will be.... abused by boys? ......on Xbox Live and PS Home.....

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Bounkass2847d ago

I'm not any of the above, lol.

Valay2847d ago

What kind of question is that?!


Thats a very fucked up and immature title. It should b changed.

LGFreedom2847d ago

the title of the post is pimping a new website that outs bad game behaviour. I love it.