Coming to PlayStation Plus: Free Day 1 Download of Stacking and Exclusive Demos for KZ3 and Yakuza 4

Playstation Blog: Hi everyone,

We’re excited to share that over the next two weeks, our subscribers will be receiving a download of a highly anticipated PlayStation Network game and demos for two upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusives. With that said, let’s jump into our two upcoming PlayStation Plus publishes.

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BakedGoods4387d ago

Nice, a free $15 Tim Schafer game.

Raendom4387d ago

Yeah, really pleased about that. Was looking forward to it anyway, but knowing I get it for free is a huge bonus. PS+ already given me my years content and I'm only 3 months in. XD

JoySticksFTW4386d ago

Quite honestly, I cannot keep up with all of the content

I mean it's a good problem to have

Like I've had "Lead and Gold" and all of the "Sam and Max" episodes just sitting there waiting to be played

Then there's all of those PS1 titles that I've never had the time to play the 1st time around. And because PSN+ keeps putting out more and more free PS1 classics, I STILL can't find the time to play them all.

Games like Abe's Odyssey and the Spyro games are just sitting there as well taking up harddrive space. I'm going to transfer them all over to PSP memory stick though

Like I said, it's a good problem to have :)

callahan094387d ago

Holy shit! So awesome! This is the first absolutely excellent PS+ gift so far. I have had the subscription since day 1, and I've enjoyed lots of cool themes, demos, avatars, and full games already, but the new Tim Schaeffer game, completely for free, on day one!? That's just ridiculous. Can't wait!

Dac2u4387d ago

Wow, I never would have dreamed they'd be giving us a day 1 game, much less a game I would have bought day 1.

WildArmed4387d ago (Edited 4387d ago )

Yes indeed!
This is the best PS+ update since launch <3

A free game on it's launch date,
Sony you are finally doing us right w/ PS+ :D

blumatt4387d ago

Those exclusive demos are going to get a few people to go get PS+. Guaranteed.

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OllieBoy4387d ago

If they're going to start giving day 1 PSN games for free, then sign me up for plus.

Joni-Ice4387d ago

I just signed up. Cant wait for Stacking.

SonyRep4387d ago

i have already got yakuza 4 demo :D

Simon_Brezhnev4387d ago

same i got it from japanese store lol

SonyRep4387d ago

yeah i just wanna get this version because obviously i cannot read japanese lol

Simon_Brezhnev4387d ago

lol me eitha i went subtitles again.

FAGOL4387d ago (Edited 4387d ago )

Yeee was looking forward to it after playing Costume Quest.

Silly gameAr4387d ago

Very nice update. That Stacking game looks pretty cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.