Joystiq: Killzone 3 Review - Third Time's the Harm

The feature set of Killzone 3 is impressive: 3D support, PlayStation Move compatibility, split-screen offline co-op campaign, and offline multiplayer with bots, but no amount of 3D waggle can change the fact that the Killzone 3 campaign is a miserable experience. Killzone 3 certainly offers more bells and whistles than its predecessor -- it's just a shame they've been affixed to an inferior game.

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BakedGoods3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

A SEVEN? Jesus.

Am I playing a different game here?

Joystiq -

Epic Mickey: 4
EA Sports Active 2 'The Perfect Fit': 4
James Bond: Bloodstone (a flop): 4
Killzone 3: 3.5

zootang3789d ago

Yet they will give Black ops a great score because it is buggy as hell and has a storyline involving Americans.

Istanbull3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

There are always the sites that want to be unique, they express it by giving a high profile game like this a mediocre score.

Going against the trend=generating a lot of hits for these little websites.

ElDorado3789d ago

@ zootang

Man when I think about what you said that's damn true. Killzone a 7 ? After this and Gran Turismo should we take reviewers seriously? I mean like Come on Killzone 3 a 7? Graphics don't make a game, but the multiplayer atleast should be a 9.

guigsy3789d ago

Surely the "this website doesn't know what they're talking about" excuse can only work so many times.

Look, reviews are a public service, you don't have to listen to them. How about downloading the beta and judging the game for yourself? You might agree with these reviews, you might not. Lets just have less of these childish wibblings.

HolyOrangeCows3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

"The first game fell short of its "Halo killer" billing"

Didn't have to read past here to know where this fanboy was going with this review. Complaining about some internet fanboys calling Killzone a "halo killer" just shows how fanboy-wars consumed this guy is.

BattleAxe3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Here we go with the Sony exclusive double standard that even if it blows every other shooter out of the water, the rule is to nit-pick everything you possibly can to lower the score and teach Sony a lesson.

Totally rediculous.

Arnon3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

You guys seriously do nothing but complain and whine. It honestly makes me wonder if you actually care for the game itself, or if you're in it just to continue to try and justify a purchase.

Using the "Everyone hates Sony" card 4 years after the PS3's release, especially when all the websites do nothing but hype these games up for you people is sad. Did Little Big Planet 2 have a low average score? People who are upset deserve to be shot down because the ones who are upset are the ones who hype these titles to ridiculous standards.

The only thing these websites are doing, is playing the game and reviewing it. And considering the majority of you who are telling them they're wrong have not even played it, I'm not sure how your opinion is somehow a higher word than a reviewers' to be perfectly honest.

Just enjoy the damn game.

Commander_TK3789d ago

Apparently, some people can't have different opinions.

Persistantthug3789d ago

I mean, the game is clearly doing well on the reviews

IcarusOne3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Jesus. This review is just brutal. And I agree with Arnon. It seems like most of you are more concerned with how a game scores than how much you like it.

DatNJDom813789d ago

And the hate begins......

Dee_913789d ago

they are looking for hits
thats the only explanation

has to be

frostyhat1233789d ago

Maybe Maybe just Maybe the game a deserved a 7? No, thats impossible, even tho i have never played it i think that it is TH3 B3ST GAM3 3V3R CAUS3 ITS A PS3 3XCLUSIV3!

g0green3789d ago

wow seems like a lot of you are just trying to convince yourself every ps3 exclusive is a 10/10, some games are gonna get lower scores if they deserve them, chill out

Dragon_Hiko3789d ago

So everyone who is saying that no one has played the game, (full game maybe, but lots and lots of people have played the demo and absolutely love it) will admit that the reviews were bullshit after the game is out to the public and everyone plays it and still loves it? Have you actually thought about the fact that the game might actually be really good, and a whole bunch of big fans of the game are pissed at the obvious downplaying of the game?

God forbid we actually have a bit of honesty in game reviews maybe some sort of set standard? A game review is not supposed to be the reviewers damn opinion on the game, it's supposed to be an unbiased as possible description of the game and it's offerings.

And again to all of you saying no one bitching about the review has played the game yet ergo the reviewer is right, is an idiot. By that logic after everyone plays the game for themselves and still think this review is a piece of shit, it is justified and it will be a piece of shit article.

jessupj3789d ago


Or maybe, just maybe once again a site is going agaist the trend for hits.

airforcex3789d ago

The PS3 version is buggy.

PotatoClock3789d ago

Lol Dragon.

You sure live in a perfect world if you think reviews aren't meant to be opinion.

Have you even considered that the review is possibly being bluntly honest and unbiased and that you yourself are the biased one?

Get a grip. Reviews don't change wether people like a game or not, which you yourself said, so why whine about it?

Dee_913789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

you have to absolutely idiotic to think Black ops is as good as Killzone 3 ...
the MP beta along i would give it a 4.5
and if the story anywhere near as good KZ2 it deserves a 5

i wouldnt even be tripping if they rated other games like they do ps3 exclusives

if black ops was a ps3 exclusive shit wouldve been like 2.5
and in every paragraph it wouldve mentioned how glitchy it is and how much mw2 is better

these sites need real journalist not just random people off the street

Dragon_Hiko3789d ago

Hey just because world peace is probably never going to happen, should we just all start being assholes and killing one another? No. We should try and get along and be as nice as possible with each other. Same logic for reviews. Did I say they have to be 100 percent unbiased? No. But they should strive to be as unbiased as possible.

And yes...I was replying to people who think that how would I reply to someone unless I knew what their stance was?

Reviews should be information based, sometimes when you are on a bad budget and you can only afford one game out of go by reviews. So, I would like them to be as professional and unbiased IE:Informational as possible. Sorry if I'm whining though.

punkpop1013789d ago

They gave the game what it diserved.Black Ops was buggy on the make cash ps3 version.PLayed the 360 one had very bugs in contrast to my friends who sold their ps3 version.

hay3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Some people are obsessed with PS3 exclusives to get high scores, some are obsessed with people who are obsessed with PS3 exclusives to get high scores, judging by the fanboy wars and butthurtness "PS3 exclusives hate" looks more than real(it looks real and stupid to be clear).

This is clearly lackluster review, quoth the author:
"I never tired of the multiplayer experience."

It appears to be obvious that KZ3 is more multiplayer experience than previous, why excluding major game element from the review while is publicly available? You tell me.

JeffGUNZ3788d ago

@ Dmarc

Enough already. You look like a little child who had their toy taken from them. You played a demo of the MP, that's all. This guy initially stated how he praised KZ2. He said he is comparing it to KZ 2 and other than graphics, he feels it has really moved itself up. Don't hint that joystiq is corrupt or fanboy because if you actually follow their site you will see that they are brutually honest with their reviews.

And yes, I own a PS3 (jeffgunz) and Xbox (cdxjeffgunz) and I believe that Black ops will still be a better OVERALL game due to the variety, customization and replay value that is in that game as opposed to the 3 game types on KZ3.

bottom line is that this is a review. Shouldn't really influence your decision if you are looking forward to the game. But believe it or not, people will have opposing opinions once in a while, doesn't make them corrupt.

jebabcock3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

The review makes me want to get the game. It honestly sounds like joystiq just doesn't have any metrics in place for how to count deductions. And that is why lower calibur games that suprise you a little get good scores and AAA games that aren't just everything that the unrealistic hype makes them to be end up getting lower scores even though they are probably totally awesome games.

When there are no metrics or scale and systematic way of deducting points, then the scores really become moot. Along those lines, using separate categorical scores would help the reader better understand the deductions. you could separate out with
multiplayer, graphics, story, gamplay and then give one overall score. Another part of confusion is that some companies give a rating with respect to the system and some give the rating with respect to all games across all consoles. I don't think either is wrong. but it definitely leads to confusion among consumers as far as what the score means. We all know the wii isn't capable of the graphics the ps3 and xbox360 produce, and even between the ps3 and xbox360 there are different strengths and weaknesses. To scale the wii evenly with the ps3 and xbox360 would mean all wii games would get low scores even though gameplay and story were awesome. Wii consumers are generally less interested in amazing graphics anyway... Ultimately sometimes the bar is alot higher on some consoles than on others as well due to what type of games have been released on the system previously.

Look at the Olympics. The judges don't just don't think up of a number and slap it on. they start from a set maximum value and start deducting based on what they find. Certain things are worth certain deductions. They must also factor in the overall size and quality of the game. Something that most Wii owners don't appreciate, since their games generally don't have the visuals to match the other systems. or vice verse, Wii games get high scores because graphic quality ceases to be factored in while it is still factored heavily for other consoles.

Ultimately the numbers in general can be more distracting than useful. Even with the metacritic scores they don't mean much. Metacritic was a nice idea, but there needed to be strict guidelines in place for scoring and reviewers need to have get some sort of certification showing they understand the scoring process before their scores are factored into the metacritic score. Also, metacritic scoring should not allow publishers exclusive to certain consoles to submit scores(playstation mag, xbox mag, nintendo power etc). This would further eliminate skewing. As it stands now I would say ignore the numbers. Read the review and find reviewers that seem to like the same games you do and stick with them. That is where you will be least led astray.

Dee_913788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

im not even talking about that
Im talking about how they would give shitty uncomplete game rushed in the market for money the same score as a more well put together game

the whole review system from sites are fucked up

if black ops deserve a 3.5 kz3 deserves atleast a 4.5

it seem like they give pity to shity games and only focus on the goods
but on good games they rate it way more harsh and nitpick it to death

and after those gt5 reviews I dont take any review seriously good or bad

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ksense3789d ago

the majority of scores is 8.5 and above with some 10's as well so whats with xbots trying to bash it. Every reviewer agrees the game looks fantastic and the multiplayer is awesome and the only negative I hear is that the story is weak and lets face it the majority of gamers buy fps to play multiplayer (halo, cod, battlefield) and in that aspect the game delivers with stunning graphics.

Zachmo1823789d ago

This is a good score. But you know what i find funny you guys do the same thing when an xbox exclusive gets a score like this Alan Wake comes to mind.

hudsoniscool3789d ago

cod and battlefield yes but a good porting buy halo for the story

trounbyfire3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

but is crap
"A submachine gun feels like an assault rifle feels like a machine gun,"

STRAIGHT LIE i am playing the beta and the weight and rate of fire and hit radius is different for each gun. the assault rifle is heavier than the smg, when i unlocked the assault rifle i was like WTF my controls are heavier, the smg is uber light . the medic assault rifle with the silencer feel completely different from the regular assault rifle

LIES MAN they lie its GT5 all over again

nnotdead3789d ago


i have yet to play the beta, but the other reviews of KZ3 i have read or watched, seem to agree with you. they all say Guerrilla fixed the controls, but where also able to give different weight to the guns, which KZ is known for.

ThanatosDMC3789d ago

^They want a COD game and someone's hand to auto aim for 'em.

shinrock3788d ago

well some like to play both! some like to play multi,some like to play single. out of a 1000 people,at least half will not agree with you. so what is the point?

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dragonslayer913789d ago ShowReplies(1)
TBM3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Honestly people do we really care about scores or other peoples opinion if you were getting this game anyway?

I know I don't as I have the collectors edition preordered. I love part 2 and im sure ill love part 3

edgeofblade3789d ago

This seems like a lopsided decision, even given my distain for flagwaving PS3 fanboys yelling "killzowned"... the same thing many people hate about arrogant patriotic americans, but I'd rather play the game myself and make a decision. I loved the multiplayer in the first game and I'm more than willing to give it a chance again.

edgeofblade3789d ago

So, I've played the demo. For me to review it objectively, I had to eliminate the part I hate the most: The PS3 controller. I used my 360 controller converter and, after that, KZ3 felt great. I'll be picking this game up. The "weight" is gone finally and I feel like I'm actually in control of my character rather than operating him like a mech.

Good job GG.

DeFFeR3789d ago

Do you have a link for the 360 controller converter for PS3?

Always bugs me that I have to move my left thumb - just feels uncomfortable.

ChefDejon3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

something is up

trancefreak3789d ago

I doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this ps3 generation has had its woes with reviewers.

There are other games that have scored higher and are on another platform that don't seem to adhere to the same unique criticism that Sony titles get.

Its pretty sad and I have my theories regarding this.

In fact there have been so many movies that have scored like a turd and Ive absolutely loved them.

I have been enjoying the closed beta and the new open beta immensely. I put down mass effect 2 which seems like a great game but feels stretched and boring imo for this m player game.

RadientFlux3789d ago

Am I playing a different game here?

How can you say that every reviewer is wrong about the single player portion, when the game hasn't even been released yet.

I'm all for personal preference but at least what in till you play the game before making that statement.

trancefreak3789d ago

how do you know he doesn't have a copy or a preview copy.

Hes probably making a generalized statement but still.

The mplayer alone so far has been worth the time.

arika3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

all i can say is reviewers like joystiq don't make or break the game. it will always be gamers like us who does. try the beta of killzone 3 now on your ps3 and judge a part of its epicness and then when the game comes out ask a friend or rent and review the game yourselves. i have lost my trust on reviewers because most of them just want to get hits just like this site. play it, review it and buy it! power to the players. game on!

xCaptainAmazing3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

I own just a PS3 now, and Killzone is NOT as good as you people think, end of damn story. You need to stop whining about double standards that don't exist. The game is GOOD, but doesn't live up to their expectations. Sony has FAR better games out there, I have no idea why people cling to this average, average franchise. It does not hold a candle to any of the hall of fame FPS games.

It has a unique, fun control system, and is dead gorgeous. It has NO substance though. In this day and age, shooters don't have the excuse of being shooters and not needing good characters and story. Everyone always brings up Call of Duty as well. Black Ops had a reasonably good campaign, some excellent voice acting, and felt complete. Most of the bugs are in the PS3 version, and you can't bring down a game because one version suffered if the others did a reasonably good job. Not ALL the reviewers are wrong about it. It was overall a good entry.

From the looks of the reviews, the game is good, but just has no substance. Substance is everything, and what makes a game "feel good" as a whole. It's not memorable, and that's why it isn't getting perfect scores across the board. For a triple A game, it needs to do better.

Then again, if you truly love the game so much for reasons I can't understand, be happy with it. I'm enjoying the open beta for what it is, but I certainly won't be purchasing the full game. Not after KZ2, which also had ZERO substance and nothing memorable. The best way I can describe Killzone is by calling it the most gorgeous shooter with the intellectual capacity and awareness that the industry had 15 years ago.

Bring on the blinded disagrees, I'll fight them off with Rico's face.

Close_Second3789d ago

It may not be perfect but KZ3 is better than many of the multiplatform FPS games yet it scores lower.

If KZ3 is a 3.5 then Black Ops is a 2.75.

BakedGoods3789d ago

Ironic you suggest KZ "had ZERO substance and nothing memorable" in the same breath as touting the CoD single-player story. I've played every CoD, MoH, BF, Halo, KZ and surrely, out of those CoD (and MoH to a lesser extent) stand out as shallow single-player stories.

I think you missed the point of KZ. Fair enough, stick to BLOPS.

xCaptainAmazing3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )


If you can actually enlighten me with the "point" of Killzone, I will withdraw my prior argument. Needless to say I'm fairly confident whatever you come up with will be inadequate. Not because you're unintelligent or anything, but because Killzone offers NOTHING to the game industry. Absolutely nothing. The game is plain and lame to its core. I can only assume that people like it because it is "pretty" and they have shallow taste, considering 9/10 arguments on this shitty website are based around "OMG exclusive GRAPHIX teh best."

In the realm of bias I have defended Sony and its titles when necessary, but this game is so uninspired it insults my intelligence. It doesn't deserve to be in the pile of great system exclusives, and I only hope I'm not the only person that recognizes it's not a good franchise. Call of Duty, for example, has become worse and worse, but overall it's still a better franchise than Killzone because it has actually accomplished something and, for better or worse, was compelling enough to shift the entire industry.

I doubt anyone with there head on straight would say otherwise.

nnotdead3789d ago

all the games you guys are mentioning have average to poor stories. the things any of us can say that are good in the sp are the set pieces.

KZ2-making the final push to Visari's palace

COD4-crawling in the brush while the oposing army is moving all around you.

BOs-base jumping, russian roulette, or wehaterver

MoH-hunkering down in a small building while the enemy is continuously pouring over the hill side to kill you.

all may be cool moments to play, but do little to give the story any depth.

nevermore3789d ago

It's just that some ppl get brainwashed with the hype before a game's release. Joystiq, ign and gamespot are some of the biggest and major game websites on the planet. I read a comment here saying they refrained to give kz3 a perfect 10 just to get hits. Wow a website with millions of followers wants to get hits... bravo

Kurt Russell3789d ago

I like the Resistance franchise better and agree with CaptainAmazing. KZ2 looked fantastic, but I just couldn't get into it... it didn't have much going on for it. Been watching for KZ3 on the hopes that has changes and the general consensus is it hasn't which is a pity. There are a lot better more involving games on the Playstation worth playing before these titles.

snipes1013788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

I agree with Captain, what has Killzone actually brought to the industry besides some great tech? Sure, the graphics are pretty but what have you ever seen in Killzone BEFORE you saw it in another game? If anything, Killzone takes inspiration from just about every other shooter out there. Yes, I own a ps3 and played through KZ2 twice to get trophies, but not because it was special. The characters dont give people a reason to remember them, the game plays like any other one (besides the realism of the movement) and there is just not a lot there to make it stand out. A pretty, solid and functional experience is all I have had with the series thus far. I'm not speaking about three here because of course I havent played it yet but based on the first two my hopes are not high for it to be anything besides a good game (and isn't that what a seven usually means? Good?).

jessupj3788d ago

You're an idiot if you think double standards don't exist as far as the PS3 is concerned. A blind monkey can see the gaming media is filled with childish fanboys.

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FinalSpartan3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

hmm average reviews in coming? some trolls are going to have a field day.

tastelessgamer3789d ago

Some of you are pretty ridiculous. I mean, you will only accept a PS3 review as long as it is glowing and raving!

3.5 isn't bad but it does follow in the tradition of the Killzone series. No ones expects this to be the GAME OF YEAR.

Some talk about the review being fan-boyish....Just ridiculous!

Clearly you can see who the adults are on this site and who the kids are (pretending to be adults).

jessupj3788d ago

No, we're just annoyed because once again a PS3 exclusive has been reviewed against a doulbe standard. If you've played the beta you would know this game if far and above a 7 and your just discrediting yourself by trying to defend it.

pain777pas3789d ago

If Microsoft had an exclusive to hype they would have rated it higher. With LBP2 and Killzone out without a MS rebuttal you would be inclined to purchase a PS3 to get a fix. This is called Metacritic tampering. Some reviewers read others reviews and basically reiterate what another has complained about even if they did not remotely experience the same thing. I feel like making my own site for gamers at this point.

gamer20103789d ago

Oh yes, we can't wait for your "fair" reviews where you give nothing but 9.5 to 10s for every PS3 game.

I like the beta, it's a lot of fun. But it's not the end all be all some of you make it out to be.

pain777pas3789d ago

I don't give 2 wazoos about giving games that don't deserve it a good review. If you must know I could careless about any of the fanboy stuff that everyone is typing about. However, consistently PS3 games have been put through the ringer for no good reason but they don't want them to catch up in sales. I just came off the beta. Firstly the game looks better than the first. Wow! This is a beta. Wow! The game has been CODified in the gameplay. The jump is floatier and higher. The reloads for some weapons are faster. Everything seems a bit faster. The only reason I'm typing here is because there was a connection issue and everyone said they were going to call it a day. Across the board from the gamers I've played with, based on the map that we were playing on. The gameplay is awesome. There is less weight and it feels toned down in a way but for those who love COD they will feel at home by the pace. I will go online again tomorrow to see what shakes out. I like gaming man F the BS freaking journalists. KZ3 will be good enough for me.

JeffGUNZ3788d ago

Pain777pas, did it ever really come to you that the game just isn't AS GOOD as the hype? I mean come on. I recently got a PS3 with extra income around the holidays. I bought Uncharted and it was great. I then bought KZ2 because I heard it was the best thing EVER on this site. I started the campaign. Beautiful graphics, TERRIBLE SINGLE PLAYER. Non-exsisten storyline, voice-acting my 7 year old neice could do better, and just reptitive feel throughout the game. The multiplayer was stale and boring. It felt sluggish and sloppy. I was very disappointed in the game, because I let all the hype from idiots on this site make me think this game was the real deal.

It's funny, all you people CRY corruption when PS3 exclusives don't score perfect scores. What about Uncharted 2? That game scored well ALL AROUND, but no one calls any of the sites "Corrupt" that they are now. Dude, all the PS3 fanboys (including you) make me sick. You are such hyprocrites it's pathetic. Just because one of your exlcusives are not praised by everyone, you think their is a conspiracy. I coul take a crap in a paper bag and write "SONY" on it and all you people would hpye it to be the best smelling, looking, and feeling crap you have ever seen.

You know why call of duty scores higher? They have mastered an ADDICTING multiplayer gameplay with an equally addicting ranking system. Sure, the graphics are not the best thing, but who cares, the fun factor is what most of us normal gamers care about.

This generation of gamers are so childish.

pain777pas3788d ago

JeffGunz childish my A$$. I could not careless what you thought about KZ2. I thought KZ2 was great in comparison to the other shooters on the market at the time. Bioshock is the only shooter that even has a story worth a damn anyway. I play shooters to shoot stuff. No game this gen made me feel like you were in a battle like KZ2. I like shooting stuff in that game. What is the big deal? Mario has no story. If the game mechanics are great and clever the game gets a 10. KZ2 has no story but the game mechanics have weight and you feel immersed in the game. Some may not like the gameplay. I did I thought it was not floaty it was more realistic. You fire in bursts with precision. The game is awesome. Some people talk out of their asses and do not even know why tetris is great anymore. Strip off the BS glases and you will find that KZ2 was one of the best games made this generation period. Play the game and disect it. Play tons of shooters after and compare. KZ2 in many ways is underated but some youngsters have been too Halofied and CODified to realize it.

JeffGUNZ3788d ago

Your comment is exactly why I am confused. You stated you don't care if I didn't like KZ2, which is great because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Therefore, why isn't this reviewer entitled to his opinion without ridicule? I strongly disagree with you that KZ2 was one of the best shooters this generation. What has this game brought to the table that no other shooter has? KZ2 is a beatiful looking average shooter.

You mentioned Halo. I personally don't like Halo. I think the best FPS this generation is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I still haven't seen a game that has brought something so innovated and fresh to the genre since that game. Sure, I like Black Ops, but I still think COD4 is the defining shooter this generation. Trust me man, I was really hoping to be blow away by KZ2, but I wasn't and the beta/demo for KZ3 was pretty much more of the same. It's a fun game, but it will not hold many gamers interest like COD does.

pain777pas3788d ago

Do I see why people love COD4? Absolutely. I kinda like the game. It has that resistance 1 feel of just run and gun. I did not play the whole game but played it a bit. I liked it ya it was a fun game for the time spent. I did not get engrossed in it because of where I was playing it. It should be cheap and may check it out one day thoroughly. From what I played it did not seem that different from a Halo run and gun game with a different setting and a running mechanic which is awesome. The game looked pretty good. Gameplay is pretty fastpaced. I am not a mainstreamer. I've been gaming for many years now so I look for the diamond in the ruff. As much as the Okamis and Uncharteds are praised they are not the Halos and CODs where no one would dare risk ad revenue to tell the truth. The first COD probably is a buy because it kinded took gaming over after that on all HD consoles so I will check that out this weekend to be honest.

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Achemki3789d ago

They gave 007 Bloodstone a higher score? Yeah, they're drunk. Arguably the worst 007 online ever. Everything or Nothing is still better. Joystiq...that's a paddlin'.

airforcex3789d ago

When exactly did you play a game that hasn't released? Oh you mean the Beta? Why is KZ3 supposed to be better than Epic Mickey? Why not complain about LBP2 getting a better score? 3.5 is a decent score.

m23453789d ago

hold on, some of you need to understand why people are annoyed with this. it's the fact that there is a lack of CONSISTENCY in these reviews. while these sites attack killzone 3 for the story and the single campaign, these sites would then turn around and give something like the cod series a 9 or a 10.

it has *nothing * to do with the reviews or 'oh ma godz, no one can have an opinion!111'

maybe you guys should stop with the self righteous attitude and understand what the issue is.

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WetN00dle693789d ago

WOW, really? A 3.5 out of 5!
The hell is wrong with these guys............

Xwow20083789d ago

To ps3 fans: plz ppl stop the rage we are not new for ps3 games gets underscored ..i think over all the reviews were great and can,t wait to play the game.
just pre order it ppl and be happy,i really hope we begin to not value the game based on few individuals(reviewers)..i really miss the ps1 and ps2 era were a good game is good game no matter whats the platform it was released for, and no matter if the games got 6 or 10.

To users of other platforms: i really hope u ppl try will be a great game and so much fun :)

To 360fanboy whos laughing on KZ3 reviews: just SHUT UP ppl when u have a 360 exclusive for the next 9 months then come and post.

And about Halo vs killzone debate: personally i think halo(even if see it a bit overhyped) is a very good game i played a bit of halo1 and finished halo3 and can,t wait to play reach with my friend next week.. but i like KZ alot more and thats ME(opinion).

At the end of the day both games are great and offer a lot and if ppl wana debate between them lets make a gamers debate not a fanboys i said before a good game is a good game no matter what the platform because truthfully iam sick of this console war that made this gen the worst.

iamgoatman3789d ago

I don't think the part about the 360 not having any exclusive games for 9 months was needed, but I'm still bubbling you up.