What Type of Gamer Are You?

Callan from WSA writes: "I’m not sure what you classify me as, gamer wise. I enjoy casual games, mainly because I like puzzles, so Sudoku anything and Picross 3D are things I greatly enjoy. Though I’m somewhere in the hard setting of Picross and now I’m taking too long to finish them so no three stars on a couple of them, lame. But I digress.

I don’t really game everyday, not as much as I use to anyway. My job sort of sucks the life out of me, so when I come home I just want to get some food, maybe workout when I muster the willpower to stop sitting on my fat ass, shower and sleep. Usually in that order. My weekends are for extra sleep, errands I didn’t do during the week, laundry and anything else I need to catch up on, and then some gaming if I have the time before Monday rolls back around. I read manga and watch anime much more than I game, which is almost shameful.

But I like to think I make for up for it when I do manage to fit in the errant video game, which 9 times out of ten is an RPG. Most recently being Atelier Rorona, which I am loving."

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SynGamer4909d ago

I'd have to say I'm 'hardcore casual'. I get super psyched about games and new releases, and then fail to get them because I'm broke or they drop off my radar.

schlanz4908d ago

I'm a gamer. No special designation.

SynGamer4908d ago

I don't think a label is bad in this case, but rather, a simple inquiry as to how gamers approach games.

kesvalk4908d ago

i would be a customizer gamer

i despise games where you can't customize your gameplay/char and games without mods


GameEnthus Podcast ep385: Lights Off or Cruise Control

This week Asif (@Technosucks) from @Shacknews join s Mike (@AssaultSuit), Tiny (@Tiny415) and Aaron (@Ind1fference) to talk about Shacknews, Hobbs and Shaw, video games, edutainment, ESA leak, board games, SAAM Arcade, PopUp GenCon, EVO,Super Mario Maker 2 and more video games.

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Atelier Arland Trilogy DX PS4 review - Demon Gaming

Lyam writes: - Atelier Arland Trilogy DX is another collection release, but this time, on PlayStation 4. The games with it are Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland, Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland, and Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland, which have all appeared on PlayStation 3, as well as the PlayStation Vita. It’s quite an ongoing franchise with Atelier Rorona is the 11th game in the series and there are more plenty more to come.

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Teflon022018d ago

It's probably my favourite 3 (well didn't like meruru much) But the price is trash. Should have been normal retail price for all 3 imo.

LG_Fox_Brazil2018d ago

I haven't played the Atelier series for quite a while now. Last game I finished was Iris 3, although I didn't really liked it. I love the first one, Eternal Mana. I think I finished Atelier Iris 1 at least three times. I bought Atelier Sophie and played less than 10 hours before I dropped it. Would love to see another game with the Iris level of story telling.

Servbot412018d ago

Surprised this wasn't censored.


Singapore PM writes his own Sudoku solver

Player Attack: We've seen plenty of politicians with opinions on video games, whether they love them or hate them, but Singapore's Prime Minister has just trumped them all. Lee Hsien Loong has written his own Sudoku-solving program, posted the source code to Facebook, and asked for bug reports.

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