Can the Xbox userbase handle Dark Souls?

Revolt-Tech.com Writes:

We are extremely exited about the upcoming Dark Souls, which is essentially a sequel to Demon’s Souls by (thankfully) the same Developer. From Software announced that the game will now be multi-platform, available on the Xbox and Playstation in all areas other than Japan (PS only in Japan). A lot of hype has been generated by the loss of an exclusive for the Playstation, to the anger of many fanboys. However, there is one question that many have posed could hold a few grains of truth…. Can the 360 handle Dark Souls?

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Ahasverus4864d ago (Edited 4864d ago )

If it's been developed in 360 so it is, the same with Demon Souls, it's that THAt a looker

"We don’t like to generalize, but it appears the majority of 360 users are content with their DVD trays never seeing a game other than Call of Duty"
The last time I checked, Call of Duty sold 15M in tboth formats, the 360 has 51M served, so in the best of the cases there are like 40M of 360 WITHOUT Call of Duty. Fail.

BK-2014864d ago

a lot of those console sales are re-buys from RROD or getting a slim.

Ahasverus4864d ago

O Rly? If I got RROD'd I would never buy a 360 again, thankfully I've got mine 4 years and still great ;)

Slimshadyn4864d ago


I don't know the date of this study, but it clearly shows that a large number of 360's had the RROD in the past and that a lot of people came back to the 360. I would like to know how many bought new systems of those estimated 10 million RROD failures. Many of those failures were older models though. Even though BK's comment was clearly trolling he does kinda have a valid point.

EvolZero4864d ago

I've only paid retail for one 360. And I have 3(technically 4, one has a bad DVD drive that I have no motivation to fix). If one of my older models get a red ring, I fix it myself. Same with my PS3. It got a yellow light, fixed it, then sold it. Why???!! Because it was a BC PS2 model. Got 400 for it bout another used. It's not BC but I could care less about PS2 games. That's why I still have a PS2.

And alot of people forget there are plenty of ways of getting that red ring fixed. Send it to MS if it's still under warranty or take it to a local Play N Trade if you have one. Other hole in the wall shops are around that do repairs aswell. Same applies to PS3, but I think Sony charges depending on the problem, even if it's still under warranty. And the number of console Repairs I've done myself is over 100 and that's just in my area of Chicago. So I don't think there are as many re-buys as some like to think.

Dorwrath4864d ago

just like a lot of PS3 users went and bought slims when the slim came out.

Re-buys is not a Xbox only thing. When the PS3 slim was announced all you heard from PS3 users on this site was "I'm buying one.".

Sales figures have re-buys from both sides of the fence, stop acting like it's specific to the 360 when it is not.

PostApocalyptic4863d ago


Re-buys from both side of the fence is trying to make the number between 360 fail rate and PS3 fail rate equate each other. They are NOT equal. The RROD problem from the first 18 months was up to 54% fail rate prior to MS offering a warranty replacement. Even if the fail rate was reported at the lower 33% that lasted well into 2008, the numbers of re-buys would have been well over 8 MILLION. And this is for people that only bought two 360s putting aside the ones that were on their 4-5th 360.

The PS3 fail rate is no where close to that. So, re-buys are minor in comparison. You will see a spike in re-buys for PS3 coming on their 5th year in Nov 2011 when older PS3 from 2006 start to fail. But that's a cycle that all consoles in history have gone through.

I have a original fatty 60GB PS3 and it's still running great, knock on wood. And this one lasted me longer than my first PS2 which lasted 4.5 years at which the DVD reader started to skip. But I think that's because I never used an air can to clear out my PS2 regularly like I do my PS3.

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yoshiro4864d ago

its not cawadoody, but Im sure there are many people that want to play this!

theunleashed644864d ago (Edited 4864d ago )

the demon's souls ip is owned by sony so how did they lose an exclusive?. dark souls isn't even related to demon's souls except for combat, dark atmosphere & rpg elements it's not demon's souls 2 & before anyone disagrees look at the story & feeling of the game no way does it have an connection to demon's souls in story & characters.

EDIT: disagrees? so sony doesn't own the ip? please explain i'm curious as to why i got disagrees for.

Thepro3184864d ago

its made by from software it got demon souls combat and feel

Led-Zeppelin4864d ago

I know right? Might as well call Forza 4 and GT5 the same game because the gameplay and graphics are very similar.

Philoctetes4863d ago

I disagree. Based on what I saw in the trailer, this looks like Demon's Souls 2. Yes, I know the story will be different, but the character models, combat, look, and overall gameplay seemed to be virtually identical to Demon's Souls.

And that's good. I love Demon's Souls; it's my favorite game of this generation so far. More of the same would be totally fine with me. I hope 360 fans enjoy it.

kramun4862d ago

It will be Demon's Souls in every other aspect apart from what it is called.

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