First Look At Dark Souls

FromSoftware is giving Demon's Souls fans more of the punishing same with Dark Souls, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 follow-up to 2009's brilliant and unforgiving role-playing game. Here is Dark Souls' first glorious trailer.

Phantom_Slippers4879d ago (Edited 4879d ago )

i can't stand kotaku anymore demons souls was never released on xbox360 so it was never a follow up to demons souls on a platform that never recieved it get the facts straight holy shit!!; no but seriously dark souls looks soo bad ass :D

rdgneoz34879d ago

Yes, the original game was never on the 360 at all. While somewhat misleading, the description is correct. Its the spiritual successor to Demons' Souls that is coming out on both systems, thus a "follow up on both systems." They should make it "brilliant and unforgiving role-playing PS3 exclusive". Though seeing how its kotaku, mislead they will.

femshep4879d ago

mhm and Condemned wasn't on ps3 but 2 got released on both....same with Mass effect

more people can enjoy it this way =D

Phantom_Slippers4877d ago

why not just make one console to rule them all if you want more people to enjoy the game i love exclusives over multiplat any day


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Cacabunga20d ago

I hope Bluepoint are working on BB remake..
Sony now seem to have lost it with all the gaas, i have no hope in seeing them approaching FS to make a sequel. I hope gamers will push Sony and show continuous disapproval to the gaas model

Cacabunga20d ago

U probably right about the remake it is maybe too early. A performance mode would be more welcome at this point

fsfsxii20d ago

can we get new ideas instead of remakes? gamers are the most nostalgia driven on this earth istg

Redgrave20d ago

The problem with new ideas is that they are often riddled with modern gaming problems like battle/season passes, MTX, DEI and/or agenda pushing narratives rather than making something fun.

We look to nostalgia because the magic was still alive and well, where as now it's often limited to indies.

Redgrave18d ago

Disagree-ers - care to elaborate?

Chard20d ago

Look at how Bluepoint changed the art for demons souls. I wouldn’t want them doing that for Bloodborne

anast20d ago

Compare their releases. How many are GaaS and how many are not. Put the number here for people to see.

gold_drake20d ago

what gaas are we talking? did i miss something?

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-Foxtrot20d ago

I don’t know how to feel, Armored Core just isn’t as good as Elden Ring, Dark Souls, Bloodborne and the like.

I hope he does a new IP instead

FinalFantasyFanatic20d ago

I love the Armored Core series, I hope it becomes a regular thing again, like it was back in the PS2 days, we've been starved of AC games for a long time. Although I prefer the gameplay in the PS2 games personally. AC6 was really fun though.

Sonic188120d ago (Edited 20d ago )

The last game was a difficult challenge. I had trouble beating that last boss

shinoff218319d ago

I'm hoping for a Sci fi game. I guess armored core would be Sci fi but I'm not talking about that. I'd like a new Sci fi game

Nacho_Z20d ago

Fortunately, if you're not interested in the AC series, he doesn't say he plans to drop everything to work exclusively on the next one, as implied by the article header. Just general comments about it being an important series he wants to be involved with at some point.

gold_drake20d ago

oofff kings field. i played that not too long ago ha.

shinoff218319d ago

One ofbthe first ps games I beat back in the day. Was fun.

anast20d ago

Good news. I can't wait to see what he comes up with.