Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer debuts at Leipzig

Hideo Kojima's PS3 opus gets fresh movie love at this year's Leipzig Games Convention - with first in-game footage!

Metal Gear Solid 4 is a key title for the PlayStation 3's launch period and one of the first games guaranteed to give Sony's next-gen console some must have appeal

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Karibu5374d ago

Can't wait to see it!!

Ken Kutaragi5374d ago

Can,t wait to see how this game play live in action in 2008.

Gamer135374d ago

Can,t wait to see how this game play live in action.

Gamer135374d ago

Can,t wait to see how this game play live in action.

kingboy5374d ago

this time we gonna see how gameplay gonna look like.keeping my moderm hot and ready to download!

TheMART5374d ago

So FIRST ingame footage upcoming? So the footage we saw that fanboys said it was actually ingame, wasn't ingame after all...

Oh no I smell stinky Killzone 2 lies again...
Although I am curious to see it though I must admit

Asuka5374d ago (Edited 5374d ago )

Killzone 2 is a psp game titled, Killzone:Liberation.

Killzone 3 is the PS3 title.

zypher5374d ago (Edited 5374d ago )

you know why PS3 fans are so excited about MGS4 themart? you know why they tend to dismiss comments about how everything shown of MGS4 was pre-rendered CGI? because they KNOW that it is in-game. in case you're unaware, there has never been any rendition of MGS on any PS system to use CGI. even MGS on the PSOne used all (only) in-game assets, even during the cut-scenes--you know how when there's a cut-scene, then immediately following the cut-scene the camera zooms in and you're in control of the character, but you can't tell the difference between the cut-scene and when you're controlling the character? thats called in-game assets. Splinter Cell uses CGI for majority of its cut-scenes: MGS uses none. when a scene can be manipulated by a controller (which Konami did with MGS4 late last year), when its lighting can be manipulated, that means its in-game, rendered in real-time, using the games assets. it is IMPOSSIBLE to manipulate a scene thats been pre-rendered. i am perhaps a bigger fan of PS systems simply because i like the games it has more, but i still support the 360, and can't wait for such gems as GOW, Fable 2, Bioshock and Halo 3. i am a fan of all videogames, not a fanBOY of any one particular system. so TRUST ME, MGS4 is all IN-GAME.

andy capps5374d ago

It was in-game or in-engine, not gameplay. Like the Halo 3 trailer from E3 was not gameplay, it was in-game or in-engine. Both were manipulated by the developers to prove that they were in engine.

TheXgamerLive5374d ago (Edited 5374d ago )

Your very very wrong. It was "all" CGI, or don't you know what CGI is? The MGS4 trailers you saw were developed on a PC and played on a PC. The first and only (so far) actual in game was in the sony march 06 showw, to which the MGS4 demo was a disaster. Continous bottlenecking and freezeframing throught. Reps at the show were constantly appologizing and making excuses that it was just an early demo that they haven't ironed out the bugs from yet. All BS. Since that day, there's been "NO" official in game anything from this system. And do you knw what the in game was even in march....just characters snake, etc... walking down the dirt roads with dust in the air and nothing else, no fighting, nothing and even that was almost impossible on the ps3, so no, it's not on game, in engine or demo'd footage that your seeing, ever. Oh, and what your calling in game assests , do you mean like what GRAW is doing on the XBOX 360? You'll never see it on a ps3, as you may never actually see a working ps3. This talk of no such thing as CGI on a ps system, are you stupid? A PC plays it all, sometimes with a hooked up ps2 controller but that's all, and that's to impress those of you who arent educated on the true "aspects" of what in game really is, or live demo is, and not CGI.

Even this "so called" in game footage isn't available for you to view, did ya notice that?

We resume our normal programming on the bottleneck 3 network, this is not real footage, I repeat, this is not................

zypher5374d ago

we'll all see tomorrow. how about that?

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