Crysis could be possible on Xbox 360

The main arguement about Crysis not coming to the consoles 360 and PS3 is because on the technical part wouldn't be possible, because DX10 is missing.

There could be a change for the XBOX 360. ATI recently announced that on the 360 it's possible to install DX10 by an update. It could mean a lot of DX10 games coming to 360, especially with XNA and cross over programming. It looks like a clear case when Microsoft is talking about Live anywhere. If new games will use DX10, it would be more then likely that the 360 runs DX10.

Crysis is one of these games. In this video interview the president of Crytek is telling at this moment, in this form it won't be released on other platforms then PC also because it would be technically hard and scattered resources, but with the new information from ATI and DX10 for XBOX 360 that could all change.

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Bill Nye5381d ago

That's just like saying no DirectX game can be on PS3 at all... because it uses OpenGL.

But that's not the case now, is it?

TheMART5381d ago

Well see it like this. Most games use DX10 and will start to use it, simply because it is the new standard on PC and has been the major one for the last years.

With XNA on PC/360, Live Anywhere on PC/360, DX10 on PC/360, exclusives from PC to 360 after some time and exclusives from 360 to PC after some time it is fair enough to say PS3 will be left out or gets the leftovers and ports from PC/360.

It's the law of the big numbers in this case

DC RID3R5381d ago

who would have though it!?!?!

shahab5381d ago

hurrah finally dx10 is arriving on 360
east o west 360 is the best

super bill5381d ago

stuff the 360 bring on the ps3.with the yanks getting games earler and cheaper than the rest of the world.roll on november so i can patrexchange this bloody yankie console.

TheMART5381d ago

Yup it's just clear, MS has the best cards for the best gaming system. Sony has a maybe good videoplayer on it's hands IF BR becomes standard. 360 can always watch how the battle grows. HD-DVD addon or if HD-DVD fails a BR addon will be available in the far future.

That's how the lines are drawn. The 360 just got the choice on possible next gen video, but not nescessary for games. For games it got the most optimal mix of hardware, software and developping environments hands down

People we got a winner!

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The story is too old to be commented.