Ico and Shadow of the Colossus: Telling Stories through Setting and Gesture

Too much dialogue can ruin a game more often than not because many titles just have horribly written exchanges between characters. Not to mention that the medium isn't quite there yet regarding the expression of lifelike, emotional performances through animation. But Antonio argues that a focus on setting and gesture can make all the difference when telling a story,

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choadley3793d ago

People generally prefer the first half of show and tell when it comes to stories.

ComboBreaker3792d ago

where when you talk to people, the camera moves in on their face, and you see their lifeless face talking to you in a robotic manner. I hate that.

Legion3792d ago

I almost fell asleep during that article. He was talking way too much.

Legion3792d ago

Maybe you should have lis'd? (laughed in silence)

This guy would probably love a game with mimes in it! (J/K)