Thoughts on Girls and Games

World of Discourse: Kotaku linked to a piece on “All Things Considered” (found here: wherein a teenage girl talks about issues girl gamers have. I haven’t listened to it. I have no idea what she says. For the purpose of this discussion, it’s immaterial, because I am more interested in talking about the commentariat at kotaku, who promptly launched into response.

There were two threads running through the responses, relating to two topics: how girls are depicted in games (and how girls themselves respond to that) and how girl gamers are treated when playing games with guys.

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Lamarthedancer3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Look if a girl gamer is in a, for example, COD/Halo match online and they get made fun of....tough shit IT IS how the online is. The girls who are actually thick skined when playing online and fight back then good for them, theres no reason why you girls shouldn't. Got to stand up for your self, no reason why you should take shit just because you a different gender.

BUT I will say this. I saw those comments on Kotaku and I will have to agree with most of them I saw. It is a boys club online if you can't deal with it then move a side and don't go on. I hope no girl will get offended by this but I believe, in my opinion, that games/consoles have always been a boys/mans thing, they've always been targeted at us...not in a way of "No girls allowed" but when consoles first came out it was mainly the male audience who responded the most at them, sure there were girl gamers at the time but not as much as we have now. There are some very serious girl gamers out there who love video games just as much as us but theres always the ones who make it out to be a big thing about being a girl gamer and look for the attention of boys. I bet their the ones who are made fun at and name called the most online because they draw attention to themselfs at the start of the map.

This is just my opinion, I hope nobody gets offended by this so I'm sorry if you do.