Forget the NGP, Here's What the PSP3 Needs

1UP: If Sony is going to survive the Console Wars of 2018, it should take our advice.

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Godmars2903794d ago

I wonder sometimes why I stopped going to - then something like this reminds me...

smoothdude3794d ago

By the time that PSP3 comes out all this technology will look very outdated. Actually it already looks outdated!!

klado3794d ago

Cough cough Google reader, cough cough xD

meetajhu3794d ago

I will forget NDP,MotoGP but not NGP

pain777pas3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Godmars290 could you have captured my sentiment any better? Jeremy Parish what are you doing? You must have some stroke there. Do something about this nonesense? Once the 1up show creator left, everything went downhill. To know that I could not wait for that show every week. Now where is Shane, Garnett and Milke. 1up is now a complete and utter joke. The funniest thing is someone typed so many pointless words and actually posted this trash on the site. Seriously... Parish say something for those who remember the excellent discussions you guys had about GAMES in the past. They used to seriously make you think about buying a game you never would have even considered because someone in the bunch would fight to get the last word or that important point that pushed you one way or another. The 1up show guy with the glasses and beard... what happened to him? Does anyone know?

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remanutd553794d ago

forget NGP ? those guys are nuts , i cant stop thinking about it , i want to pre order it already !!!

trounbyfire3794d ago

wait what???

OMG waste of life. i swear with out n4g i would go to most sites.
ign for beyond nothing else
G4 no more
gamespot i like because they have videos and show but no go
gametrailers only IW and BR maybe GTTV
destructiod, kotaku, 1 up, the rest are a no go

1 up had KZ3 beta video and the knew nothing of KZ
gamespot had a guy that went back and played KZ2 before doing a KZ3 beta no surprise which was better

pain777pas3794d ago

No EBC on Gametrailers??? They have the funniest shortest and best to second best when the Bombcast is on point podcast from the majors on the net.

x8003794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

lol hits hits hits 2018? can u REMIND me what year it is now?
so much BS.

fossilfern3794d ago

lol i know id be 28 by then :(

Figboy3794d ago

so young. in 2018, i'll be 40!

DlocDaBudSmoka3794d ago

im right behind ya, ill be 37 then.

HxCGamer3794d ago

28 as well

i feel like that's old.

Figboy3794d ago

my wife is currently 28, and i'm 31, 32 in July, and she's always giving me shit about her being old! she looks like she's 21. lol.

then again, when I shave, i look about 21 as well. lol

Joni-Ice3794d ago

Please dont click the link people. Waste of time. 1up should had found some news on NGP rather than this BS.

Kon3794d ago

I will click the link.

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The story is too old to be commented.