SnakeMustDie4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

"Bring more Dark Souls". Is it just me or the Knight shown in the trailer looks like the Knight class in Demon's Souls with the Flute armor. The gameplay is somehow similar to Demon's Souls with new gameplay mechanics like how the Knight stabbed the eye of the Dragon and also the "Blue Phantoms" will be somehow returning("Light Phantoms?").

The graphics definitely trumps over Demon's Souls. Now the only thing I want From Software to confirm is crossplatform gaming between PS3 and 360 but that won't happen.

@young juice

Yeah, Crossplatform invasion will be epic but we can dream can we.


I said it won't happen but we can dream with something like that. 360 players getting invaded by Demon's Souls vets.

Definitely this game will be a first day buy. I love Demon's Souls.

young juice4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

cross platform invasions

you heard it here first... i think

********** you said it right before i replied.

negroguy4865d ago

That would be so great. Sony might allow it with them being an open platform but Microsoft would never allow something like that. It'd be real nice though. The one game where fanboys can take each other out. That'd probably be the only thing that could outsell CoD.

Hellsvacancy4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

^^^^That DOESNT mean its a better game, oh dear people are so DUMB, why would you type summin like that i dont know......sorry, i do, its co your stupid!

kancerkid4865d ago

Game looks good, and almost colorful.

Eamon4865d ago

He never mentioned COD is a better game. Calm down.

DaTruth4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

I've been seeing articles of this around and have been ignoring them. Suddenly I wondered, what is this all about? *MGS ! appeared over head* "PROJECT DARK???" *tears begin streaming from eyes*

New number one anticipated game! Screw UC3, KZ3 and INF2(well, don't screw them, but you get my point), happiness abounds!

One of my greatest regrets in life was putting off playing Demon's Souls multiplayer(I tend not to regret, do to having a life with few choices and making the right choice when presented with choice); now there is nobody playing it! I put down a summon stone and just wait and wait. Maybe I should make a European account.

Bits-N-Kibbles4865d ago

It would be awesome if they had a Sony (red phantom) and a 360 (green phantom) and there could be a battle of say 4v4. Or 8 vs. Demon. Or there was a PS3 vs 360 record for successful invasions. There could even be "red" and green" tendencies similar to the white and black world tendencies. That would be bad-ass! (could be problematic with fanboy wars, haha)

The Battle for Boletaria! (or w/e the name of the new place is)

wsoutlaw874865d ago

@DaTruth im still playing, what level are you

AssassinHD4865d ago

Outback probably sells less beef per year than McDonalds, but we all know which place has the better food.

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va_bank4865d ago

Won't happen. It's no problem for the developers, but Sony and MS will not allow PSN and Live to be bridged. If they were willing, this would be already done for other games.

KingDustero4865d ago

Sony wouldn't mind, it is just M$.

RememberThe3574865d ago

@King: I don't know why you got disagrees Sony has said in the past that they are open to working with MS

slate914864d ago

@King: Yeah youre right. Because big bad M$ is so evil, and Sony are just innocent souls not looking to make a profit in this industry. /s

Reibooi4865d ago

I think the Blue Phantoms were probably other players.

There had already been talk of co-op play as well as PVP type stuff and that may be how other players who enter your game look. It would make sense I think.

It does surprise me how much this looks like Demon souls. I was expecting something that would look completely different and still have the heart and soul of Demon souls. I didn't expect it look like a direct sequel(despite not being one it's just a follow up).

I kinda would have liked them to move on from the Medieval setting to something more interesting. I mean Demons Souls was so unique but it had this bland setting. Would be nice for them to come up with something more interesting for both visual purposes as well as storyline purposes.

JoySticksFTW4865d ago

I can't agree with the Demon's Souls had a bland setting part.

DS is one of those games in which the setting is probably the most important aspect of the game.

This amazing story is told not with tons of dialog or cut-scenes, but through the unsettling scenery and (sometimes lack of) sounds.

It all screams danger! Something really f'd up has happened here! And you better be careful or else your soul will be forfeit

The sense of impending doom is unreal in DS, especially when you hit world three.

Heck, I'd say that the ambiance is the main character, not the voiceless, generic player character.

Reibooi4865d ago

I would 100% agree with pretty much everything said. But the doesn't change the fact that the setting itself is bland. It's just like the other countless medieval fantasy games that come out. There isn't much aside from that sense of danger that makes the games setting unique and that was design not the setting. The danger could be felt in any setting as it was part of the design.

All the sense of impending doom and ambiance is part of the design not the setting. You could have the same feelings with a different setting if designed correctly. If you took those things away you are left with a incredible game set in a generic medieval setting.

JoySticksFTW4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

I agree that the game's design contributes to the sense of danger.

And yes, you are placed in another medieval setting but it is far from bland or generic. It's different from say Oblivion's or Baldur's Gate's medieval setting.

DS' take on the medieval setting is this hollowed out world... empty and hopeless

A few steps into World 1 and you see the rotting corpse of men and horses. You instantly think "plague" or "this world is already dead".

A few more steps in verifies that you are indeed all alone with only the mentally insane to keep you company

A few steps into World 3 has you feeling claustrophobic, trapped. And there's a sinister vibe that differs from the others.

Why the cells, the guards, the prisoners stuck in jars up to their necks, the torture devices? The moaning, the screaming, the single voice singing...

Where as the other worlds leaves you feeling that you're among the very few sane survivors left in the aftermath of some world breaking event, World 3 leaves you asking what corruption is happening here right now?

We may be arguing the same thing if by design you mean "sound design".

But I would say the lands of Boletaria, engulfed by a fog that none (except maybe one) has ever escaped is a pretty chilling setting.

FailOverHero4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

Wait wait wait, so it goes multiplatform and actually becomes better? No way!! It looks better than the previous one that was exclusive! How about that?
I thought being exclusive to PS3 meant it was better, as far as I've read, this one is more OPEN than just maybe FF13 having no towns had nothing to do with 360

wu-stix4865d ago

The first one was produced on a shoe string budget. I think the sales surprised everyone. They think going multiplatform will increase sales and therefore have put more into the dev budget. Thus, they can spend time creating an open world. Towns in DS case is due to budget constraints, whereas FFxiii not having towns was probably due to space constraints on DVD.

Rage_S904865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

you're stupid if you've ever played demons souls you'll know thats its not a powerhouse anyway its good that more people will be able to play it

ps: theres no way you could hack demons soul judging by the stupidity of you comment and final fantasy having no town is to do with squarenix

TheGreatIndonesia4865d ago

lol you trying too hard... no one was praising demon soul graphic in any reviews, in fact it is one of its weakness... r-tard!

m23454865d ago

lol, no one said *anything* about graphics.

it never ends with you does it?

femshep4865d ago

actually the reason why there were no towns in FF13 was cause you were fugitives that would be killed if you did step into one

aslo dev wise the engine they use cant handle towns to big

thereapersson4865d ago

The fact that you constantly troll the PS3 and stay at 5 bubbles is a testament to the one-sided nature of the moderation staff around here.

Gotta love corruption on N4G!

Eamon4865d ago

Who the hell cares about what side mods take (if they are which is highly doubtful).

They're just game consoles. Not governments.