The War on Pre-Owned

Kieran Roycroft gives his opinion on the hostility from games developers, towards the pre-owned sales market.

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smoothdude3794d ago

This is interesting as anyone in business will tell you that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. While I will never buy a new game unless it is off of Steam for PC, I am sure that many gamers out there sell their old games to get the new games. So you may not be making any money off of used games sales, however, these used games are what helps fund new game sales.

It is not like they are selling their games to pay the bills or buy something completely different!

moe843793d ago

A small percentage of game sellers do sell their stuff for bills. Although they get quite a bit less in most cases by going for the cash option. When money is tight you do what you can.
I know several people who have sold off games and consoles just to pay the electric bill.
Sad really.

smoothdude3793d ago

I guess you can't play games without having the electricity on :(

schlanz3792d ago

Sad but like you said, a small percentage. Probably not even 1%. Its negligible.

OC_MurphysLaw3793d ago

@smoothdude, you make a good point.

I think the used game retailers really need to find a way to make peace with the console makers. Ohterwise the console companies are going to continue to work towards an all digital future that cuts them out.

moe843793d ago

Agreed. Personally I dislike buying used. Support the companies you enjoy. Not rob them. The way things are going soon(used loosely) we will have the majority of our console games digital... making those of us who like boxes, discs and instruction manual(for bathroom reading!) sad pandas.

Zinc3793d ago

I was under the impression that most people like to get 'deals' on the things they purchase. Since the beginning of time we have always haggled for everything we buy. In today's world, everything is sold largely by expansive mega-merchandizers, so that element of bartering and trading has somewhat lessened, but the desire to do it has not.

Not only have game companies created additional income streams from their products via DLC, but they have then used that as a way of claiming used games sales are no longer worth it or right.

Since when is selling something you purchased wrong?

Yes, legally we don't own the code, but the spirit of ownership is still the same. When a consumer buys something, they have always been able to sell it to another party before... now... not so much... now, it's evil and taking bread from the mouths of the developer's children. I think this has gotten out of hand.

If you don't want to buy used, than don't.

If you do like to buy used, than do.

You are not causing islands to be swallowed by the sea or the moon to crash into the Earth because you buy used games. Stop being sensationalistic and start being realistic.

Companies don't go out of business because their products are TOO GOOD. They go out of business because they either are no longer relevant or no longer have a customer base.

VenGencE9993793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Right on the money. They are going after and punishing the WRONG people. Do they think people who buy used NEVER buy a game new? They are only shooting themselves in the foot. Since this nonsense has started I've written off games that come with this hinderance, regardless of the quality of the game and I'm sure others have done the same.

I bought Dead Space used for a really low price and turned around and bought shitloads of DLC for it because the game is awesome. They made quite a profit off of me. Had this BS happened before I would have passed on the game completely, giving them ZERO profits.
To top that off the game was so good I had every intention on buying DS2 day one, but I just can't support greed. Hope more folks opens their eyes and realize this policy hurts US.

Those that buy every game new and only new, good for you.

You get to be among the first to partake in said game. Funny thing is the game is usually better AFTER release, AFTER the newbies(yes me included) test out the game. Those that buy it used weeks later get a BETTER version for a GREATLY reduced price( why would ANYONE shop at GS?).

One last example is AC:brotherhood. Bought it new and the games MP was so bad in the beginning it was unplayable, meaning you couldn't even get in a game, not to mention a few other gamebreaking glitches in SP. Well spent $60 bucks huh? But hey, the devs got paid for their "hardwork" so it's all good right?

So yes, in the end I'd rather be the SMART consumer than the LOYAL gamer...

hazelamy3793d ago

interesting article, but i'd dispute one part.

we are not powerless, quite the opposite in fact.
the truth is these publishers need us more than we need them, people just need to realise that, they shouldn't be dictating terms to us, we should be dictating terms to them.

what if the game buying public finally decides one publisher is gauging them too much and stops buying from them?
well the gamers might miss out on a few titles, though there are other publishrs, but that publisher is gonna go out of business if they don't change their ways.
and if something like this did happen the rest of the industry would have to realise we have the power not them, and start showing some respect to their customers for a change, instead of treating us like some exploitable resource.

people just need to realise we're the most important part of this business and not just take everything the publisher do lying down.
we hold the power, it's our money they're desperate for, we ultimately have control over what we spend it on, not them.

crofterz3792d ago

In theory, your point makes sense but the games industry these days is so HUGE that boycotting a companies games (which is what I think your suggesting, correct me if i'm wrong), is just impossible to organise.

Take the Call of Duty series for example. Everyone agrees that the DLC for Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 was/is ridiculously overpriced. Yet there's sod all we can do it about it because for every person not willing to buy the DLC because of it's price tag, there's always someone who will.

crofterz3792d ago

Some brilliant points made here! :)