PlayStation Home: Seek Shelter From The Zombie Apocalypse

PlayStation Blog EU - PlayStation Home is now offering respite to any of you desperate souls trying to survive the zombie apocalypse in Dead Nation, the hit shooter exclusively available from PlayStation Store.

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Godmars2902908d ago

We're already in the middle of a Helgast invasion and now we have to worry about zombies too?

ugabugaz2908d ago

It's a cruel world out there. So bring a huge gun and plenty of ammunition. Preferably armor piercing rounds.

HolyOrangeCows2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

Some of us have a Snowpocalypse to worry about, too.

So....a shovel, too.

ABizzel12908d ago

This is what Home needs to be successful. I wish I was working with the Home developers, because everyone would be in home 24/7.

Ooh. Oooooooh. Sony do yourself and favor and hire me. Home is a great idea that's not reaching it's potential.

Redempteur2908d ago

ok , you have to join thecast of the TESTER SEASON 3 then !


Godmars2902908d ago

And I'd bet even money that Sony JP would be there c-blocking you.

Though in JP Home right now they're showing the latest Macross series.

Apollyn2908d ago

Havent loaded home in ages, Worth loading ?

Redempteur2908d ago

you need 2 hours of free time ,
you 'll have to redownload most of it probably

blackburn52908d ago

No one cares if you haven't loaded up Home in ages. No need to say that.