Eurogamer Interview: Will Deus Ex: Human Revolution Make You Cry?

When it comes to role-playing games, few things are as important as story, choice and dialogue. But when it comes to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a game Eidos Montreal hopes will enhance the series' legacy, story, choice and dialogue are the most important things. This is where lead writer Mary De Marle comes in.

Speaking to Eurogamer ahead of the game's release, Mary reveals how videogame writers meet the challenge of the modern-day RPG, and dishes the dirt on how developers create spiralling conversation trees and simulate sophisticated player choice. She also discusses how conversation boss fights can be won and lost, and even leaves room for a word on Bill Gates and Richard Branson.

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Timesplitter142819d ago

Deux Ex isn't that kind of game. Its story is oriented towards morals and philosophy, not towards emotions.

Mista T2819d ago

you never know. it may be a bit emotional this time since in the trailer he gets assaulted and he's with some girl. so it might be.

yog-sothot2819d ago

Timesplitters, Mista, I agree with what both of you say

And Deus Ex Human Revolution could easily make me cry : it will be the case if the game is worst than Invisible war ^_^

I have huge expectations for this game, so I could also be very disappointed

Theonetheonly2819d ago

.....It already made me cry

*covers nose with tissue*

gypsygib2819d ago

Only game that every made feel like crying was MGS4.

Still the best game this gen IMO.

user8586212819d ago

only game that did that for me was the ending of MGS3

kojima you are a true genius!

Dsnyder2819d ago

I never cry. Im a man,

gypsygib2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

I think that makes you less of a man, you're repressed. There are A LOT of things that happen in this world that almost demand tears.

And what about when your parent inevitably pass on, are they not worthy of tears?

Checkmate2819d ago

im pretty sure he was joking.

Active Reload2819d ago

I'm probably not going to cry from a video game, never say never though. I must admit, I was moved by the little boy you had to carry on your back in Metro 2033. When you finally reach the top to return him to his mother and he yells out something about finally being able to see what the real world looked like not being underground.

Burning_Finger2819d ago

If it's a bad game. YES. ;)

gypsygib2819d ago

Reach made me kinda sad too but I didn't feel as if I might cry.

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