THQ Gamer's Week Community Roundtable

"During the 2011 Gamers Week held by THQ we didn’t have the oppurtunity to get every DualShocker into the event to record a podcast, so we did the next best thing. We gathered members of other sites to join in and discuss all the highlights from the week in games. Join me, David Collins, HipHopGamer, Ross Furman, and our very own Francois Chang as we talk about everything at the show! Also find out why WWE All Stars is now one of my most anticipated games of the year. Make sure to watch the clip below!"

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Thrungus2814d ago

Great content from the video itself, would just recommend you 'up' your filming quality (especially audio and the shot itself).

JoelT2814d ago

I think its a limitation of the video player. Other sites with the same player have the same resolution. The content it good though.

Thrungus2814d ago

Find yourself a better video player my friend :P

Ninferno2814d ago

What an all-star line up of gamers lol

booni32814d ago

I know it makes me a little jealous. OT though, I hope the new WWE game can change my mind about the genre.

thevokillist2814d ago

awesome video, loved hearing/watching everyone input on the game.

JohnColaw2814d ago

Really cool video, gotta love that awesome spinning belt!

allenhpark2814d ago

Video's pretty bawse; I always love seeing intelligent gamers actually having some sort of awesome conversation.

DelbertGrady2814d ago

Hiphopgamer is the intelligentest of them all.